Members of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment Class of 2009.
Front row, l-r: Andrew Watts, Jeff Nemec, Richard Hederstrom, Jamey Smith, and Hans Eysenbach. Back row, l-r: Mike Seager, Katherine Sacca, Maya Jacobs, Sarah Ayres, Samantha Wright, Rebeccah Beachell, and Tyler Dunham.

Read and download Senior Integrative Project (SIP) abstract or Reflection Papers for the Class of 2009.

Sarah Ayres
Major: History
Internship: Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Portland, Maine
Senior Integrative Project: Fishing for Solutions: A Study of Community Based Fisheries Management and its Implementation in the Gulf of Maine

Rebeccah Beachell
Major: Government & East Asian Studies/Minor: Philosophy
Internship: Berkshire Pioneer Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc., Amherst, Massachusetts
Senior Integrative Project: The Yellow River Seaward Flows: China's Sorrow and the Self-censorship of Chinese ENGOs

Tyler Dunham
Major: Environmental Studies/Minor: Economics
Internship: Collins Design Research, New York, NY
Senior Integrative Project: Environmental Marketing Strategy: A Story of GE, BP, and Walmart

Hans Eysenbach
Major: International Relations/Minor: Latin American Studies
Internship: Silverbrook Farm, Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Senior Integrative Project: Debating the Future of Agriculture: An Environmental Perspective on Lessons and Applications from Opposing Schools

Richard Hederstrom
Major: Botany
Internship: Kew Royal Botanic Garden, UK
Senior Integrative Project: Traditional Native American and British Herbal Medicine: A Discussion of Similarities and an Analysis of British Remedies Collected by the Ethnomedica Project

Maya R. Jacobs
Major: Environmental Studies/Minor: Hispanic Studies
Internship: Ceres, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts
Senior Integrative Project: A Comparative Analysis of the Origins of Renewable Energy in Brazil and Argentina

Jeff Nemec
Majors: Philosophy & Environmental Studies
Internship: The Adirondack Museum, Blue Mountain Lake, NY
Senior Integrative Project: A Contemporary Philosophical Debate Over Wilderness

Katherine Sacca
Majors: Medical Anthropology & Environmental Studies
Internship: World Camp Inc., Lilongwe, Malawi
Senior Integrative Project: A GIS Analysis of Deforestation and Population in Malawi between 1990 and 2000

Mike Seager
Major: International Relations/Minor: Latin American Studies
Internship: FUNDAPAZ - Development in Justice and Peace Foundation, Argentina
Senior Integrative Project: Talking about Deforestation: Examining Participatory Democracy using Argentina's Law of the Forests as a Case Study

Jamey Smith
Majors: Biological Sciences & Environmental Studies
Internship: Hawaii Agricultural Research Center, Aiea, Hawaii
Senior Integrative Project: Jatropha curcas L. as a Potential Model for the Ecologically Sustainable Production of Biofuels

Andrew Watts
Major: Government
Internship: US Environmental Protection Agency, Boston, Massachusetts
Senior Integrative Project: Community Conservation in African Wildlife Policy: A Comparative Study of Contrasting Implementation Policies in Kenya and Zimbabwe

Samantha Wright
Major: Environmental Studies/Minor: Hispanic Studies
Internship: Ocean and Coastal Consultants, Trumbull, Connecticut
Senior Integrative Project: An Analysis of Coastal Protection Structures: A GIS Based Approach