Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment Recognition Ceremony

Left to right: Sarah Bass, Ricardo Olea, Emilio Pallares, Chloe Mayhew, Johnathan Evanilla,  Nate Morris, Delilah Fairclough-Stewart, Sydney Krisanda, Amelia Morrissey, and Ariane Buckenmeyer

Sarah Jackson Bass International Relations major, Art and Environmental Studies minors
Senior Integrative Project: City-Networks and Global Climate Governance: C40 Cities and Cities for Climate Protection (CPP)
SIP Advisor: Jane Dawson
Internship: Transition US, Sebastopol, California

Ariane Buckenmeyer
Biology major, Geology minor
Senior Integrative Project: Taxonomic Anarchy in the Tree of Life, and the Problem It Poses for Conservation
SIP Advisor: Derek Turner
Internship: University of Florida, Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, St Augustine, Florida

Johnathan Joseph Evanilla Biology and Computer Science majors
Senior Integrative Project: Development of Genomic Resources for Seriola dorsalis Aquaculture: Searching for Valuable Traits Through Local Adaptation
SIP Advisor: Anne Bernhard, Karina Mrakovcich, Marine Sciences USCGA; Stephen Winters-Hilt, Computer Science Western Colorado State
Internship: NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center, La Jolla, California

Delilah Irene Fairclough-Stewart Environmental Studies and French majors
Senior Integrative Project: Where is Our Trash Going? The Lifecycle of a Paperboard Box
SIP Advisor: Anthony Graesch
Internship: Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Hartford, Connecticut

Sydney Susan Krisanda
Economics and Environmental Studies majors
Senior Integrative Project: Assessing the Impact of Agricultural Nutrient Pollution on Harmful Algal Blooms in the Finger Lakes of New York
SIP Advisor: Wei Zhang
Internship: Oregon Environmental Council, Portland, Oregon

Chloe Mayhew
Environmental Studies major, Psychology and English minors
Senior Integrative Project: Bringing Rewilding to the Urban Sphere
SIP Advisor: Derek Turner
Internship: Groundwork Rhode Island, Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Nate Robert Morris
Biology major with Ecology concentration, Environmental Studies and Economics minors
Senior Integrative Project: The Reuse of Commercial Long Island Sound Oyster Shells for Restoration
SIP Advisor: Karina Mrakovcich, Marine Sciences USCGA
Internship: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Amelia P Morrissey
Environmental Studies major, Anthropology minor
Senior Integrative Project: Sedimentation, Cleanup, and Social Impacts on the Anacostia River
SIP Advisor: Douglas Thompson
Internship: The Johnson Company, Portland Maine

Ricardo Jose Olea
Sociology and Latin American Studies majors
Senior Integrative Project: The Struggle for Environmental Justice in Southern California: The Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice vs. The Logistics Industry 
SIP Advisor: Julia Flagg
Internship: Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, Jurupa Valley, California

Emilio Manuel Pallares
Environmental Studies major
Senior Integrative Project: Research proposal on the Ethnobotany of the Siekopai of Painkenape, Perú
SIP Advisors: Manuel Lizarralde
Internship: Fundación Raíz. Painkenape Community, Loreto District, Perú