Members of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment Class of 2010.
(back row, l-r): Kevin Izzo, Sturgis Sobin, Andy Irwin, Charles Van Rees (front row, l-r): Erin Brady, Lily Kunin, Maria Figliola, Melanie Bender, Ariella Cohen, Erica Hildebrand

Read and download Senior Integrative Project (SIP) abstract or Reflection Papers for the Class of 2010.

Melanie Bender
Major: Environmental Studies Minor: Government
Internship: Coast Guard Academy, New London CT and CT Department of Environmental Protection, Hartford, CT.
Senior Integrative Project: Lobstermen of Long Island Sound and the Struggle with Shell Disease.

Erin Brady
Majors: Government/Environmental Studies
Internship:The Chancellor’s Urban Education Leaders Internship Program (UELIP), Washington, D.C.
Senior Integrative Project: Closing the Achievement Gap with Ecological Literacy: An Examination of Environmentally Focused Charter Schools as Tools for Educational Reform.

Ariella Cohen
Major: Environmental Studies Minor: Economics
Internship: Assistance and Pollution Prevention Unit, EPA, Boston, MA
Senior Integrative Project: The Intersection of Affordable Housing and the Environment Through the Lens of Chapter 40B.

Maria Figliola
Major: Environmental Studies Minor: Art
Internship: Corporate Accountability International, Boston MA
Senior Integrative Project: Visual Communication in Climate Change.

Erica Hildebrand
Major: Biological Sciences
Internship: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MA.
Senior Integrative Project: Differences in Community Composition of Ammonia Oxidizing Archaea in Control and High Nitrogen Fertilizer Plots of the Great Sippewisset Marsh, Cape Cod, MA.

Andy Irwin
Majors: Environmental Studies
Internship: Cool Cities Campaign, Sierra Club, ME.
Senior Integrative Project: Challenges and Opportunities for Climate Change Resilience in Small Cities.

Kevin Izzo
Major: Environmental Studies Minor: Economics
Internship: Kilawatt Technologies, Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies, Shelburne, VT.
Senior Integrative: A Study of Environmentally Sustainable Large Sporting Events.

Lily Kunin
Major: Economics
Internship: Calvert Social Investment Foundation, MD.
Senior Integrative Project: Renewable Energy: Discovering and Overcoming the Barriers in Rural Areas of Developing Countries.

Sturgis Sobin
Majors: Economics/Environmental Studies
Internship: Clark Construction Group, MD.
Senior Integrative Project: U.S. Green Building Policy and the Stimulus Package of 2009: Promoting Green Building in Absence of National Regulation.

Charles Van Rees
Major: Biological Sciences/ Environmental Studies Minor: Hispanic Studies
Internship : Gandoca Sea Turtle Conservation Project WIDECAST, Costa Rica.
Senior Integrative Project: Of Ethics and Ecosystems: A Bifocal Perspective on Biodiversity Conservation.