Members of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment Class of 2012.

Class of 2012, l-r: Zoe Diaz-Martin, Stephen Dworkin, Leah Varga, Lucy Frye, Daniel Seehausen, Elizabeth Noonan, Kelsey Cohen and Bryson Cowan

Read and download GNCE Class of 2012 Senior Integrative Project Abstracts or GNCE Class of 2012 Reflection Papers.


Kelsey Cohen
Major: Architectural Studies, Minor: Art
Internship: Project for Public Spaces, New York NY
Senior Integrative Project: New London and Connecticut College: What Was; What Is; What's Next...

Bryson Cowan
Majors: Government and Economic & Environmental Analysis (self designed), Minor: Gender and Women's Studies
Internship: Small Planet Institute, Cambridge MA
Senior Integrative Project: Fishy Nightmares & Dairy Dreams: Globalized Markets, Environmental Justice & Gender in Tanzania

Zoe Diaz-Martin
Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Latin American Studies
Internship: Center for Tropical Conservation, Duke University, Cocha Cashu Biological Station, Peru
Senior Integrative Project: Testing the Keystone Plant Resources Concept in a Lowland Amazonian Forest

Stephen Dworkin
Major: English
Internship: E-The Environmental Magazine, Norwalk, CT
Senior Integrative Project: Popular Reality & "Freedom" from Regulation: How Americans Forgot About the Environment & How the Media Must Remind Them

Lucy Frye
Major: Architectural Studies and Art History
Internship: Carpenter & MacNeille Architects and Builders, Essex, MA
Senior Integrative Project: The Relationship Between Historic Preservation and Sustainable Design

Elizabeth Noonan
Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Theater
Staples Sustainability Department, Framingham, MA
Senior Integrative Project: Identifying Sustainable Tourism Best Practices: A Case Study of Costa Rica

Daniel Seehausen
Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Economics
Internship: Intelligent Renewable Energy, Freiburg, Germany
Senior Integrative Project: Benefits of and Barriers to, Renewable Energy in Germany and the U.S. and the Effectiveness of Feed-In Tariffs

Leah Varga
Majors: Biological Sciences Minor: Dance
Internships: Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA
Senior Integrative Project: The Effects of Anthropogenic Noise on Cetaceans