Members of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment Class of 2016.
Back row, l-r: Jessica Wright, Natalie Calhoun, Aly Cheney, Olivia Rabbitt, Emily MacGibeny, Caitlin Persa, Maia Draper-Reich and Cian Fields Front Row, l-r: Marina Stuart, Emma Rotner, Anna Marshall and Matt Luciani

GNCE Class of 2016 Internship Reflection Papers Booklet (pdf)

Natalie Calhoun

Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Municipal waste management, landfill divergence strategies and waste energy solutions

Aly Cheny

Majors: Environmental Studies and Economics
Environmental Interest: Carbon values of American forests - United Nations REDD methods

Mai Draper-Reich

Majors: Biology and Dance
Environmental Interest: Relationships between arctic communities, scientists and policy makers

Cian Fields

Major: Economics
Environmental Interest: Auto industry policy and environmental impacts

Matt Luciani

Major: History
Environmental Interests: Environmental racism towards Southwest, U.S. Native Americans

Emily MacGibeny

Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Traditional ecological knowledge and the relation to biodiversity & environmental awareness 

Anna Marshall

Majors: Environmental Studies and Anthropology
Environmental Interest: Enviromental impacts of dam removal

Caitlin Persa

Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Intersection of art and alternative energy

Olivia Rabbitt

Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Economic and social structures of permaculture

Emma Rotner

Majors: Environmental Studies and International Relations
Environmental Interest: Environmental and social justice issues with mining and development

Marina Stuart

Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Accessibility and efficacy of science writing

Jessica Wright

Major: Biology
Environmental Interest: Potential comparability of environmental and animal welfare activism