GNCE Class of 2021
From left to right: Naveen Gooneratne, Catherine Fortin, Tess, Beardell, Morgan Maccione, Ella Rumpf, and Grace Neale

GNCE Class of 2021

Theresa (Tess) Beardell
Environmental Studies major
Senior Integrative Project: Human Reliance and Impacts Upon Soil Microbes and Health
SIP Advisor: Eric Vukicevich

Adelaide (Addie) Daly
Environmental Studies major, Hispanic Studies minor
Senior Integrative Project: EU Policies and Laws Relating to Sustainable Agriculture
SIP Advisor: Jane Dawson and Eric Vukicevich

Cleora (Cleo) Dolde
Botany major
Senior Integrative Project: Effective Ways to Reforest and Conserve the Amazon Rainforest
SIP Advisor: Pam Hine

Catherine (Caty) Fortin
Government major, Environmental Studies and American Studies minors
Senior Integrative Project: Impact of Copper Mining on Indigenous & Poor Communities in Peru
SIP Advisor: Jane Dawson 

Naveen Gooneratne
Biology major, Statistics minor
Senior Integrative Project: Observational Bird and Window Collision Study on Connecticut College Campus
SIP Advisor: Derek Turner

Morgan Maccione
Anthropology and Environmental Studies majors
Senior Integrative Project: Anthropological Study of Human Waste Habits by Examining Chicken Consumption Patterns Across Cultures
SIP Advisor: Anthony Graesch

Grace Neal
Behavioral Neuroscience major, Anthropology minor
Senior Integrative Project: Environmental Toxins and Their Effects on Childhood Development and Anxiety
SIP Advisor: Joseph Schroeder

Joanna Rucker
Economics major, Finance minor
Senior Integrative Project: An Environmental and Ecological Analysis of the Ecotourism Industry in Botswana
SIP Advisor: Maria Cruz-Saco 

Ella Rumpf
Environmental Studies major
Senior Integrative Project: The Philosophy and Ethics of Single-Use Items and the Responsibility of Producers in Their Disposal
SIP Advisor: Derek Turner 

Julia Whelan
Behavioral Neuroscience major
Senior Integrative Project: How Primate Social and Cognitive Makeup Relates to how Humans Should Approach Conservation
SIP Advisor: Joe Schroeder 

Shefka (Sheffy) Williams
Botany and Mathematics majors
Senior Integrative Project: Urban Agriculture, Community Gardens, and Soil Pollution in Post-Industrial Cities
SIP Advisor: Eric Vukicevich