Members of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment Class of 2011.

Front Row (l-r): Kristiane Huber, Fiona Jensen, Catharine Brookes, Nita Contreras, Sarah Berkley, Janan Evans-Wilent, back row, l-r: Eric LeFlore, Flora Drury, Christopher Haight, Christopher Krupenye, Scott Siedor, Cynthia Roseen

Read and download Senior Integrative Project (SIP) abstracts or Internship Reflection Papers for the Goodwin-Niering Center Class of 2011.

Sarah Berkley
Major: History
Internship: IslandWood, Bainbridge Island WA
Senior Integrative Project: Recognizing Environmental Justice in History: Resistance and Agency in the Cross Bronx Expressway and the Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike

Catharine Brookes
Majors: Economics/Environmental Studies
Internship: TerraCycle, Trenton, NJ
Senior Integrative Project: Waste-d: Redefining Waste Through Material Life Cycles

Nita Contreras
Major: International Relations, Minors: Dance / Religious Studies
Internship: Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation
Senior Integrative Project: Fighting Pollution Through the Understanding of Hindu Goddesses: An Analytical Look at River Myths and Rituals to Understand Pollution Issues and Solutions

Flora Drury
Major: Biological Sciences / Environmental Studies
Internship: Energy and Climate Unit, EPA Region I, Boston, MA
Senior Integrative Project: Barriers to Community Wind Power Development in the US: Looking to Europe for Solutions

Janan Evans-Wilent
Major: Environmental Studies
Internship: Dolphin Communication Project, Stonington, CT / Bimini, The Bahamas
Senior Integrative Project: Vocalizations Associated with Pectoral Fin Contact in Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatius)

Christopher Haight
Major: Environmental Studies
Internship: TIDE Project, Marine Biological Lab, Plum Island Estuary, MA
Senior Integrative Project: Bisphenol A: Plastic Toxin or Harmless Additive?

Kristiane Huber
Majors: Government / Environmental Studies
Internship: Tribal Link Foundation, New York, NY
Senior Integrative Project: Standing on Solid Ground: Respecting Cultural Rights in Climate Displacement

Fiona Jensen
Majors: Government / Hispanic Studies
Internship: Appalachian Mountain Club, Gorham, NH
Senior Integrative Project: Wilderness Management: A Comparison Study of the Chilean National Forest Corporation & the United States Forest Service

Christopher Krupenye
Major: Biological Sciences, Minor: French
Internship: Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda
Senior Integrative Project: Reasoning about Communication in Rhesus Macaques

Eric LeFlore
Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Music
Internship: Global White Lion Protection Trust, S. Africa
Senior Integrative Project: Impacts of National Parks in African Savannas

Scott Siedor
Majors: Economics / Environmental Studies
Internship: Environmental and Natural Resources Division, U.S. Justice Department, Environmental Division, Washington DC
Senior Integrative Project: A Case Study: "The Preserve" The Fifth Amendment, Regulatory Takings and Eminent Domain