Members of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment Class of 2013.

Class of 2013 - back row, l-r: Mark Roberto, Seana Siekman, Clare Murphy-Hagan, Katie Lynch, Rebecca Connor and Mitchell Serota front row, l-r: Rhea Corson-Higgs, Raymond Palmer, Wynndee Reese and Rebecca Horan

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Rebecca Conner
Major: Biological Sciences, Minor: Anthropology
Internship: Barrow Arctic Science Consortium, Barrow Alaska
Senior Integrative Project: Impacts of Western Economic Influence and Climate Change on Indigenous Natural Resource Management: Case Study,  Barrow Alaska

Rhea Corson-Higgs
Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Dance
Internship: Earth Island Institute: New Leaders Initiative, Berkley, CA
Senior Integrative Project: Connecticut Core Science Curriculum and Environmental Education in New London

Rebecca Horan
Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: French
Internship: University of Maine Forest Bio-Products Research Institute, Orono, ME
Senior Integrative Project: Conservation of an Estuary: Addressing Habitat Quality and Action Planning in the Poquetanuck Cove

Katherine Lynch
Majors: Government and Environmental Studies
Internship: Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center, Mystic CT

Clare Murphy-Hagan
Major: Physics, Minor: Mathematics
Internship: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
Senior Integrative Project: The Effects of Gradient and Discharge on Culvert Outlet Scour

Raymond Palmer
Major: International Relations
Internship: Shaxi Low-Carbon Community Center, Yunnan Province, China
Senior Integrative Project: Where Democracy Concedes: Examining Environmental Civil Societies in China and Japan

Wynndee Reese
Major: Anthropology
Internship: World Camp, Lilongwe, Malawi
Senior Integrative Project: Environmental Education: Sustainability: Delivery and Impact

Mark Roberto
Major: History
Internship: Conservation Law Foundation, Boston, MA
Senior Integrative Project: 50 Years Since Silent Spring:  Rediscovering Rachel Carson

Mitchell Serota
Major: Biological Sciences, Minor: Chemistry
Internship: University of Florida "The Croc Docs", Fort Lauderdale, FL
Senior Integrative Project: Assessing the Effects of Grassland Restoration on a Fall Migratory Bird Stopover Site

Seana Siekman
Majors: Government and Environmental Studies
Internship: Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, Provincetown, MA
Senior Integrative Project: Environmental Injustices of the Electronics Life Cycle