GNCE Class of 2020
Class of 2020 Certificate Students
Back row, l-r: Avatar Simpson, Emma Brooks, and Julia Neumann
Front row, l-r: Jonathan Monderer, Anna Laprise, Sarah Stephen, Haruko Tatyama, Jennifer Rojas, and Marcus Vinicius Pinto Pereeira Jr.

Emma Nicole Brooks
Environmental Studies major, Anthropology minor
Senior Integrative Project: Humanizing Food Waste Inside College Student Kitchens
SIP Advisor: Rachel Black
Internship: Slow Food USA, Denver, CO

Anna Jo Laprise
Government major, Economics and Environmental Studies minors
Senior Integrative Project: Industrial Hemp Production in the United States: Do current practices promote sustainability?
SIP Advisor: Eric Vukicevich
Internship: Pineland Farms, New Gloucester, ME

Alan Lau
Government major, Hispanic Studies minor
Senior Integrative Project: The Unknown Costs of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)
SIP Advisor: Jane Dawson
Internship: Earth Day Network, Washington, D.C.

Jonathan David Monderer
Environmental Studies major, Anthropology minor
Senior Integrative Project: Conservation of Sea Turtles-An Overview and Perspectives on its Issues
SIP Advisor: Maria Rosa
Internships: Mass Audubon's Coastal Waterbird Program, Cape Cod, MA, and Maritime Aquarium, Norwalk CT (research in Colombia) 

Julia Lourens Neumann
Religious Studies major, Environmental Studies minor
Senior Integrative Project: Elaborating on an Ecological Ethic of Care: A Synthesis of Leopold's Land Ethic, Feminist Care Ethics, and Sense of Place Development
SIP Advisor: Derek Turner
Internship: Alumni Department at NOLS Headquarters, Lander, WY

Marcus Vinicius Pinto Pereira, Jr.
Chemistry major, Computer Science minor 
Senior Integrative Project: Study Towards the Total Synthesis of Frondosin D
SIP Advisor: Timo Ovaska
Internship: Organic Synthesis Laboratory Connecticut College, New London, CT, and University of São Paulo, Brazil 

Jennifer Katherine Rojas Perez
Computer Science major
Senior Integrative Project: SLASH App: Tracking Consumer Habits to Reduce Environmental Impact
SIP Advisor: Julia Flagg
Internship: CultureHouse, Cambridge, MA

Avatar Justin Simpson
Environmental Studies major, Economics and Religious Studies minors
Senior Integrative Project: Reimagining Streetscapes in a Car-Free City
SIP Advisor: Anna Vallye
Internship: Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments, Waterbury, CT

Sarah Marie Stephen
Psychology major, Environmental Studies minor 
Senior Integrative Project: Modeling Sustainability: Adolescent Environmental Education as a Solution to Long-Term Sustainable Change
SIP Advisor: Julia Flagg
Internship: Yellow Farmhouse, Stonington, CT, and Common Grounds, New Haven, CT

Haruko Tateyama
Chemistry major, Government minor
Senior Integrative Project: Technological and Social Challenges in Moving Towards Sustainable Transportation: Focus on Electric Vehicle Shift
SIP Advisor: Jane Dawson
Internship: Nanograf Corporation, Chicago, IL