Class of 2017, Goodwin Niering Center for the Environment
Back row, l-r: April Zhao, Sarah Spound, Julia Serafin, Moriah McKenna, Mei Reffsin and Katie Alderman Front Row, l-r: Marissa Gildea, Nako Kobayashi, Nikki Caspers and Lana Richards

Kathryn Rose Alderman
English major, Computer Science and Philosophy minors
Senior Integrative Project: Until Death Brings Us Closer Together Forever: Spirituality, Corporeality, and Queer Identification with Nature in Transcendental Literature
SIP Advisors: Michelle Neely, English and Julie Rivkin, English
Internship: EARTHLab, UC Santa Cruz     

Nikki Angela Caspers
Environmental Studies major                    
Senior Integrative Project: A Study of Potential Size Dependent Diet Shifts of Invasive Lionfish in Florida and an Examination of Their Predation on Local Florida Fisheries
SIP Advisors: Anne Bernhard, Biology and Karina Mrakovicic, Marine Sciences USCGA
Internship: REEF Environmental Education Foundation, Key Largo, FL      

Marissa Lee Gildea
Behavioral Neuroscience major, Environmental Studies minor 
Senior Integrative Project: Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Anxiety Behavior in Response to Glyphosate
SIP Advisor: Joseph Schroeder, Psychology
Internship: US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, Washington, D.C. 

Nako Kobayashi
Anthropology major, Environmental Studies and French minors
Senior Integrative Project: The City Where Storks Fly: Sustainable Agriculture and Species Reintroduction in Toyooka City, Japan
SIP Advisor: Rachel Black, Anthropology
Internship: Toyooka City Hall, Toyooka, Japan

Moriah Gale McKenna
Biological Sciences & Anthropology majors with a Concentration in Archeology                   
Senior Integrative Project: Anthropogenic Landscapes in Southern New England: An Archaeological Investigation of Farming Practices on an Eighteenth Century Colonial Farmstead in Southeastern Connecticut
SIP Advisor: Anthony Graesch, Anthropology
Internship: ConnSSHARP, Connecticut College

Mei Belleyang Reffsin
Art major with a Concentration in Design                        
Senior Integrative Project: Visualizing Food Waste and Design Applications of Food Education
SIP Advisor: Andrea Wollensak, Art
Internship: The Seed Farm, Emmaus, PA

Lana Rose Richards
Theater major
Senior Integrative Project: The Land is so Much More Than it’s Analysis: Home and Place in Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath
SIP Advisor: David Jaffe, Theater
Internship: We Players, San Francisco, CA

Julia Rose Serafin
Economics major                                       
Senior Integrative Project: To Engage or Not to Engage? How Consumers Value Firm Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives
SIP Advisor: Wei Zhang, Economics
Internship: Stowaway Cosmetics, New York, NY

Sarah Pick Spound
Environmental Studies major, Math and Studio Art minors
Senior Integrative Project: Prospects for Community-Based Renewable Energy: Lessons from Abroad
SIP Advisor: Jane Dawson, Government and Environmental Studies
Internship: Vineyard Power, Tidsbury, MA

April Zhao
Environmental Studies and Economics majors
Senior Integrative Project: The Economic Impacts of National Nature Reserves on Local Communities in China
SIP Advisor: Wei Zhang, Economics
Internship: ConnSSHARP, Connecticut College