Class of 2022

Alice Ball  
Biological Sciences major
Senior Integrative Project: Characterization of the Northern Star Coral (Astrangia poculata) Behavioral and Physiological Response to Microplastics
SIP Advisor: Maria Rosa
Internship: The Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island, Narragansett, R.I.

Milo Becker               
Architectural Studies and Sociology majors
Senior Integrative Project: Realizing Net-Zero Design: Connecticut College Responds to the Climate Crisis
SIP Advisor: Douglas Thompson
Internship: The Stone House Group, Bethlehem, Pa. and Generation Conscious, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Katherine Davis          
Philosophy and Architectural Studies majors
Senior Integrative Project: Why You Should Care:Our Care Based Obligation to Protect Ecospheric Places for Future People
SIP Advisor: Derek Turner
Internship: Small Planet Institute (SPI) in Cambridge, Mass.

Bridget Hilgendorff
Biology major, Environmental Studies and English minors
Senior Integrative Project: Coastal Wetland Conservation Amidst Climate Change
SIP Advisor: Taegan McMahon
Internship: Connecticut Audubon Society, Essex, Conn.

Leah McKeen Kosovsky 
Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology majors, Environmental Studies minor
Senior Integrative Project: The Chemical Characterization of Microplastic Polymers from Various Littoral Environments on Cape Cod, Massachusetts
SIP Advisor: Marc Zimmer 
Internship: Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Sandy Hook, N.J.

Lauren Frances Moonan
Biological Sciences major, History minor
Senior Integrative Project: Cetacean Science, Population Recovery, and the Policy Involved
SIP Advisor: Maria Rosa
Internship: Connecticut College, New London, Conn.

Jacqueline Mountford
Environmental Studies major, Economics and Geoscience minors
Senior Integrative Project: A Comparative Analysis of the Andes and the Himalayas: How Climate Change Effects the Health of Glaciers and the Social Impacts this has on Surrounding Communities
SIP Advisor: Douglas Thompson
Internship: Xylem, Rye Brook, N.Y.

Payton Mulvehill
Government major, Environmental Studies minor
Senior Integrative Project: A Comparison of Environmental Activism in Minnesota with a Focus in Environmental Justice
SIP Advisor: Jane Dawson

Grace Neale
Neuroscience major, Anthropology minor
Senior Integrative Project: The Effect of Early Developmental Lead Exposure on Adolescent Spatial Learning and Memory and Aggressive and Antisocial Behavior
SIP advisor: Joseph Schroeder 

Amelia Packard
Physics major, Mathematics and GeoScience minors
Senior Integrative Project: An Analysis of Hydrokinetic Devices: Harnessing Energy From Moving Water
SIP Advisor: Douglas Thompson
Internship: The Stone House Group, Bethlehem, Pa.

Katherine Warren
Environmental Studies major
Senior Integrative Project: No-Till Farming for Carbon Sequestration
SIP Advisor: Douglas Thompson
Internship: Northeast Organic Farming Association/Massachusetts, Florence, Mass.