Laura Bae

Project: Dollarization - Argentina's Cure for Economic Instability
Major: Economics and Hispanic Studies
Internship: International, Ltd.
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Zachary Barber

Project: The Redevelopment of the Spanish City in the Last 20 Years: Architectural Change in Barcelona and Bilboa
Major: Architectural Studies
Internship: Architectural research with Prof. Manuel Aramendia, University of Barcelona
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Kimberly Bender

Project: Balancing Economic Progress and Conservation on Small Islands
Major: International Relations
Internship: Instituto de Algologia Aplicada
Location: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain

Rachel Berkson

Project: The Effect of Drug Trafficking on U.S. and Peruvian Relations
Major: International Relations
Internship: Centro de Información y Educación para la Prevencón del Abuso de Drogas
Location: Lima, Peru

Richard Bole

Project: The Effects of Agricultural Development on the Environment in West Africa
Majors: International Relations and Mathematics
Internship: Association Malienne pour la Protection de l'Environnement
Location: Bamako, Mali

Lauren Butler

Project: The Effects of Education on the Indigenous Culture of Ecuador
Major: Sociology-based Human Relations
Minor: Hispanic Studies
Internship: Fundación Esperanza and Colegio Buenas Nuevas
Location: Quito, Ecuador

Sierra Callahan

Project: The Critical Reaction of German Artists to World War I and to the Post-War Era
Major: German Minor:Art
Internship: Dephin Design
Location: Berlin, Germany

Leslie Carr

Project: The Causes of Crime, Especially Serial Murder in France
Major: Psychology
Internship: Centre International de Science Criminelles et Penales
Location: Paris, France

Mark Cohan

Project: The Educational Systems of Argentina and the U.S. in Comparative Perspective
Major: Hispanic Studies
Internship: Fulbright Commission
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sarah Cooper

Project: Competition for Land Use Among the Indigenous Population, Industry, and Scientists in Madagascar
Major: Environmental Studies
Internship: Katafray
Location: Lavanona and Beloha-Androy, Madagascar

Arik Kumar De

Project: Understanding Development: Econometrical Comparison - Brazil and India
Major: Economics
Internship: Indian Consul, Sao Paola,Brazil
Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Alison Fiser

Project: Russian Motherhood and Child-raising: The Late Soviet Years and Today*
Majors: Russian and East European Studies
Internship: Ural NGO Support Center
Location: Perm, Russia

Thomas Garrison

Project: The Evolution of Mayan Cave Rituals and Legends*
Major: Anthropology
Internship: Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Western Belize Regional Cave Project
Location: San Ignacio, Belize

Monica Glenn

Project: Cultural Rights: Religious Integration and Assimilation of Immigrants in the Alsace
Major: French
Internship: International Institute for Human Rights
Location: Strasbourg, France

Julia Greenleaf

Project: The Internet, a Threat to French Cultural Identity
Majors: European Studies and French
Internship: SA Louis-Dreyfus et Cie
Location: Paris, France

Larysa Gumowskyj

Project: The Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union
Majors: International Relations and French
Internship: Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Michael Hackett

Project: Russian Newspapers and American Foreign Policy: The 1999 NATO Intervention in Serbia
Majors: Russian and East European Studies
Internship: Moskovskii Komsomolets
Location: Moscow, Russia

Ilana Hahnel

Project: Indigenous Museums as a Reflection of Culture*
Majors: Anthropology and Latin American Studies
Internship: Archaeological fieldwork
Location: Argentina and Peru

Jason Ipe

Project: The Integration of North African Immigrants into French Society
Major: International Relations
Internship: Stop la Violence
Location: Paris, France

Sara Jones

Project: The Fate of "Degenerate" Art in Nazi Germany
Major: Art
Internship: Kunstbibliothek Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Location: Berlin, Germany

Margaret Kelly

Project: Multilateral Development: Agencies an NGO's in Costa Rica
Major: Environmental Studies Minor: Visual Arts
Internship: Amigos de las Aves
Location: Alajuela, Costa Rica

Karen Kirley

Project: German Reunification and Its Affects on Political Prisoners of Hohenschönhousen
Majors: German and Economics
Internship: Hohenschönhausen (Stasi Museum)
Location: Berlin, Germany

Jessie Kozacik

Project: Community-based Organizations and Environmental Sustainability in Tanzania
Majors: Environmental Studies and Africana Studies
Internship: Zanzibar Sustainable Project
Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Eleni Lampadarios

Project: The Role of Women in the Russian Orthodox Church*
Majors: Russian and East European Studies
Minor: History
Internship: St. Philaret's Theological Institute
Location: Moscow, Russia

Greg Levin

Project: The modernization of Acupuncture
Major: Chinese Studies
Internship: Peking Union Medical College Hospital
Location: Beijing, China

Jason Lilien

Project: Argentina's Dirty War and the 1978 World Cup Competition
Major: International Relations
Internship: Instituto de Investigaciones Gino Germani
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Michael Mell

Project: The Internet in China and Government Policy
Major: International Relations
Location: Beijing, China

Tracy Moss

Project: Mayan Identity in the Wake of Economic Change
Major: Psychology Minor: Hispanic Studies
Internship: La Fundación Cultural Yucatán
Location: Yuxunah, Mexico

Kristen Mueller

Project: The Effects of American Management on Chinese workers
Major: Chinese Studies
Internship: Intel Manufacturing Plant
Location: Shanghai, China

Alec Ounsworth

Project: Modern Biomedicine on Traditional Medicine in Mexico
Major: Anthropology
Internship: Anthropological Research
Location: Mexico

Joe Rioff

Project: Economic Protectionism in Latin America: Foster National Industry or Retarding Growth?
Majors: Hispanic Studies and Economics
Internship: Adidas Venezuala
Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Lana Rogers

Project: Political Instability in Senegal and the 2000 Elections
Major: International Relations Minor: French
Internship: Citibank N.A.
Location: Dakar, Senegal

Shannon Senior

Project: Ser Madre: Marianismo and Professional Women in Chile
Major: Psychology Minor: Women's Studies
Internship: Centro de Estudios para Desarrollo de la Mujer
Location: Santiago, Chile

Heather Sweeney

Project: Cultural Differences in Reproductive Health: West African Immigrants in France
Major: Psychology
Internship: Le Groupe Femme pour L'Abolition des Mutilations Sexualles et des autres Pratiques Traditionelles Affectant la Sante des Femmes et des Enfants
Location: Paris, France

Johanna Thomsen

Project: Jewish Immigration to Denmark and the German Occupation
Majors: Dance and Englis
Internship: Det Mosaiske Troessamfund
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Sara Tyler

Project: Spanish and American Journalism and Pop Culture in Spain and the U.S.
Major: English
Internship: Fundación Gitana Joaquin Cortes
Location: Madrid, Spain

Jessica Woodbridge

Project: The Privatization of Chile's Social Security System
Major: Economics
Internship: Los Andes Caja de Comensación Camera Chilena de la Construción
Location: Santiago, Chile

Weizhe Xu

Project: Economic Development in Hong Kong Before and After the Transition to Chinese Rule
Majors: Economics and Computer Science
Internship: American International Assurance
Location: Wanchai, Hong Kong, PRC