Andrea Amulic

Language: Croatian
Double Major: Psychology, English
SIP: Exploring Identity in Post-Transitional Croatian Society through Original Poetry
Internship: Institute for International Relations - CultureLink Network, Zagreb, Croatia

Savitri Arvey

Language: Spanish
Major: International Relations
SIP: The Privatization and Decentralization of Public Education in Chile and Argentina
Internship: Ministry of Education of the Province of Buenos Aires, Research Division, La Plata, Argentina

Lauren Asher

Language: French
Major: Anthropology
SIP: Effects of European Union Agriculture Regulations on Small-Scale Organic Food Production and Food Culture in France
Internship: Les Marronniers Organic Farm, Aix-en-Provence, France

Meghan Ball

Language: French
Major: International Relations
SIP: The Effective Implementation of Feminism
Internship: The Simone de Beauvoir Women's Rights Association, Nantes, France

Alvaro Beltran

Language: English
Major: Biology
SIP: The Ethics Behind US and UK Medicine
Internship: National Research Ethics Service, London, UK

Rebecca Cheney

Language: Japanese
Major: Japanese Language and Literature
SIP: Uses of Public School Curricula in Ainu Cultural Revitalization
Internship: Ainu Association of Hokkaido, Sapporo, Japan

Elise Dunn

Language: Spanish
Major: International Relations
SIP: Stability vs. Representation: The Dilemma of Developing Democracies
Internship: PODER (Project on Organizing, Development, Education, and Research), Mexico City, Mexico

Edward Fisher Jr.

Language: German
Major: Government
SIP: Defending a Growing Democracy: The German Response to Terrorism, 1970 to the Present
Internship: Institute of Contemporary History, Munich, Germany

Naomi Hoffman

Language: Japanese
Major: East Asian Studies
SIP: Food and Japanese National Identity: Religious and Historical Influences in the Aesthetic Presentation of Food
Internship: Vogue Magazine (Food Section), Tokyo, Japan

Manuel Jiménez

Language: French
Double Major: International Relations, Economics
SIP: International Institutions and the Economic Development of Latin America
Internship: Exchange and Cooperation Center for Latin America, Geneva, Switzerland

Pukar KC

Language: English
Double Major: Economics, Mathematics
SIP: The Impact of Economic Liberalization on the Malaysian Aviation Industry
Internship: Grand Paradise Holdings, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Abby McBride

Language: Mandarin
Major: Chinese Language and Literature
SIP: New Media, Blogging, and the Internet in Contemporary China
Internship: True Run Media, Beijing, China

Catherine Lawton

Language: French
Double Major: Mathematics, French
SIP: A Comparative Study of the Traditional Family in France and the U.S.
Internship: National Confederation of Associations of Catholic Families, Paris, France

Nicole Moomjy

Language: Arabic
Double Major: International Relations and Middle East/North African Studies
SIP: U.S. Policy Towards Political Uprisings in the Middle East
Internship: International Crisis Group, Washington, DC, USA

Catherine Mullaley

Language: Spanish
Major: History
SIP: Confronting Franco's Legacy: Changing Public Perception of Franco in Spain
Internship: Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory, Ponferrada, Spain

Alex Owen

Language: Spanish
Major: International Relations
SIP: How Governments, NGOs and Music Can Lower the Risk of Sexual Assault in Latin America
Internship: Puntos de Encuentro, Managua, Nicaragua

Anakena Paddon

Language: French
Double Major: Anthropology, Italian
SIP: Ecotourism as a Means of Development in Small Island Developing States
Internship: The Goaro-Deva Project: An Ecotourism Initiative, Noumea, New Caledonia

Cristóbal Pérez

Language: English
Double Major: Economics, International Relations
SIP: Vulnerabilidad Financiera: The Long-Term Effects of the Dollarization Process in Ecuador
Internship: UBS Wealth Management Americas, Peabody, MA, USA

Lillian Polatchek

Language: Spanish
Double Major: Government, Hispanic Studies
SIP: The Role of Sport in the Construction of Spanish National Identity
Internship: Spanish Government High Council for Sports, Madrid, Spain

Carrie Rubury

Language: Spanish
Major: International Relations
SIP: The Reintegration of Displaced Children in Colombia
Internship: Ahmsa International, Bogota, Colombia

Katherine Sartiano

Language: German
Double Major: English, German
SIP: TheDepiction of Migrant Youths in German Literature
Internship: Mannheim Institute for Integration and Interreligious Dialogue,Mannheim, Germany

Elizabeth Schwartz

Language: Chinese
Major: Psychology
SIP: Comparative Content Analysis of Local Chinese and Global Fashion Magazines
Internship: Labbrand Consulting, Shanghai, China

Sarah Seigle

Language: French
Double Major: English, French
SIP: Identity in Translation: The Relationship between Immigration and French National Identity
Internship: General Secretary of Immigration and Integration, Paris, France

Susanna Sprague

Language: Italian
Double Major: Italian Studies, International Relations
SIP: Italian Journalism in the Era of Berlusconi: Efforts and Reactions of an Industry
Internship: National Federation of the Italian Press, Rome, Italy

Carolyn Wesnousky

Language: Italian
Major: History
SIP: Post-Holocaust Theological Evolution of Catholicism
Internship: Luigi Sturzo Institute, Rome, Italy

Alexandra Wolf

Language: Russian
Double Major: Slavic Studies and Theater
SIP: Chekhov and the Russian Theatre in the U.S.
Internship: St. Petersburg Comedy Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia

Ha Eun Jessica Yi

Language: Spanish
Major: Chemistry
SIP: From Discovery to Application: The Natural Products Research Process
Internship: Panama International Cooperative Biodiversity Groups Project, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama City, Panama

Amani Zaveri

Language: Spanish
Major: Psychology
SIP: Choice and Happiness: A Cross-Cultural Study between Spain and the U.S.
Internship: Starcom Mediavest, Madrid, Spain