CISLA Class of 2013, the Toor-Cummings Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts, which allows students to internationalize their majors through intensive language study and a funded international internship

Courtney Angen

Language: Japanese
Majors: Environmental Science and East Asian Studies
SIP: Interactions between Green Building and Traditional Japanese Architecture
Internship: Yamada Architectural Corporation
Location: Kyoto, Japan

Agnes Bangali

Language: French
Majors: Gender and Women's Studies and Biology
SIP: Social, Economic, Psychological, and Emotional Effects of Fistula
Internship: West African Women's Association
Location: Dakar, Senegal

Meredith Boyle

Language: French
Major: International Relations
SIP: Effects of French Immigration and Integration Policies on Homegrown Terrorism in France
Internship: Ministry of Immigration and Integration, European Affairs Department
Location: Paris, France

Claire Brennan

Language: Arabic
Major: International Relations
SIP: A Comprehensive Study of Rural Moroccan Social Policy Regarding Female Education
Internship: Education for All Morocco
Location: Imlil, Tadla-Azilal, Morocco

Meredith Byrne

Language: French
Major: International Relations
SIP: The Impact of Financial Crisis on Refugee Resettlement
Internship: RESPECT Cameroon
Location: Yaoundé, Cameroon

Tristan Cole

Language: Spanish
Major: Botany
SIP: Orchid Poaching and Trafficking in Ecuador
Internship: Jocotoco Conservation Foundation
Location: Quito, Ecuador

Michael Corenthal

Language: Spanish
Major: History
SIP: History of Collective Action Taken by Bolivian Miners and its Potentials Today
Internship: Center for Regional Development
Location: Potosí, Bolivia

Parinda Darden

Language: English
Major: Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology
SIP: The Effectiveness of Traditional and Biomedical HIV and AIDS Treatment on Youth in Botswana
Internship: University of Botswana Center for HIV/AIDS Research
Location: Gaborone, Botswana

Nevena Deligineva

Language: English
Majors: Sociology and International Relations
SIP: Impact of British Colonial History and Foreign Policy on State and Identity Formation in the Middle East/North Africa Region
Internship: ResPublica
Location: London, UK

Ryan Dillon

Language: Arabic
Majors: Economics and International Relations
SIP: Effects of the Iraq War on the Jordanian Economy
Internship: EnVision Consulting Group
Location: Amman, Jordan

José Escallòn

Language: Chinese
Major: East Asian Studies
SIP: The Brand Naming Process of International Firms Entering the Competitive Chinese Market
Internship: Labbrand Brand Innovations
Location: Shanghai, China

Sarah Flecke

Language: Spanish
Majors: Economics and International Relations
SIP: Financial Education and the Financial Capability Gap: Analyzing the Feasibility of Credit Counseling for Ecuador as a Remedy to Private Over-indebtedness
Internship: Banco Solidario
Location: Quito, Ecuador

Christina Fogarasi

Language: German
Major: English
SIP: Academic Writing Culture in Germany
Internship: Freiburg University of Education Writing Center
Location: Freiburg, Germany

Brian Gooch

Language: Arabic
Major: International Relations
SIP: The Muslim Brotherhood and its Relationship with the Jordanian State
Internship: Center for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan
Location: Amman, Jordan

Aditya Harnal

Language: English
Majors: Economics and International Relations
SIP: The Changing Front of Financial Institutions: The Transformation of Microfinance Organizations
Internship: Lazard Frères & Co.
Location: New York, New York

Edis Kekic

Language: German
Majors: Architectural Studies and German Studies
SIP: Evolution of Architectural Styles of German Single-Family Homes in Berlin
Internship: Architecture Gallery of Munich
Location: Munich, Germany

Munib Khan

Language: English
Majors: English and History
SIP: Migrant Writers: Redefining the British Canon or Being Defined By It?
Internship: Wasafiri Magazine and Banipal Magazine
Location: London, United Kingdom

Emma LaFountain

Language: French
Major: International Relations
SIP: Immigration and Assimilation of Muslims in France
Internship: Ministry of Immigration and Integration, Department of Integration and Citizenship
Location: Paris, France

Ikram Lakhdhar

Language: English
Majors: International Relations and Art History
SIP: Post-Apartheid South African Art: Reconciling and Redefining Culture
Internship: David Krut Projects
Location: Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa

Jennifer Lee

Language: Chinese
Major: Chinese Language and Literature
SIP: Engendering Modern China: Visual Representations in the People's Republic of China
Internship: Shanghai Propaganda Poster Museum
Location: Shanghai, China

Ivan Leroux

Language: Spanish
Major: Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology
SIP: Effects of Neglected Tropical Diseases on People and Communities
Internship: International Collaborative Biodiversity Groups for Natural Product Drug Discovery at INDICASAT-AIP
Location: Panama City, Panama

Mackenzie Lilly

Language: Chinese
Major: International Relations
SIP: Impact of NGOs in China
Internship: Compassion for Migrant Children
Location: Beijing, China

Hillary Lindsay

Language: Italian
Majors: Anthropology and Dance
SIP: Culture Fusion: What Italians and Argentines Really Think about Italian Culture in Argentina
Internship: Italian Consulate of Buenos Aires
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Megan Maffucci

Language: French
Majors: French and Chinese
SIP: The Cultural Role of Holocaust Memory in France and its Impact on French National Identity
Internship: Center for the Study and Research of Internment Camps in the Loiret
Location: Orléans, France

Brooke Marsal

Language: Spanish
Major: Sociology
SIP: Cultural Factors in the Human Trafficking Industry
Internship: The Polaris Project
Location: Washington, DC, USA

Taylor McCurdy

Language: Spanish
Majors: Environmental Studies and Economics
SIP: Environmental Activism in Chile through Non-Governmental Organizations
Internship: Patagonia Sur
Location: Santiago, Chile

Cameron Ruscitti

Language: Chinese
Major: Chinese Language and Literature
SIP: Chinese Rock-and-Roll and its Cultural Legacy in Post-Socialist China
Internship: Modern Sky Entertainment
Country: Beijing, China

Mariam Tabatadze

Language: French
Majors: Economics and International Relations
SIP: The Eurozone Crisis
Internship: Greater Paris Investment Agency
Location: Paris, France

Emma Wittenberg

Language: Spanish
Majors: History and Hispanic Studies
SIP: The Culture of Public Memory: Cultural Impact of Historical Memory in Spain
Internship: National Research Institute Center for Social Sciences, "Politics of Memory" Project
Location: Madrid, Spain

Katherine Zink

Language: Chinese
Majors: East Asian Studies and Chinese
SIP: Historical and Contemporary Uses of Herbal Medicine in China
Internship: Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Gardens
Location: Shanghai, China