Jazmin Acuna Cantero

Major: International Relations
SIP: Race Relations in South Africa: Reconciliation Tested
Internship: The Peacebuilding Programme, Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Xiomara A. Almanzar

Major: History
SIP: Church Torture and Women during the Trujillo Era
Internship: La Fundación Dominicana para Niños con Autismo
Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Penney Jade Beaubrun

Major: Human Development
SIP: Systematic Barriers that Affect Haitian Residents
Internship: International Alliance for the Advancement of Children
Location: Les Cayes, Haiti

Blay Bradley

Double Major: International Relations and Economics
SIP: Terrorism, Afghanistan, and the Future of the NATO Security Alliance
Internship: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Parliamentary Assembly
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Emily Culver

Double Major: International Relations and Latin American Studies
SIP: Fighting Back: Indigenous Mobilization in the Peruvian Amazon
Internship: Instituto del Bien Comun
Location: Lima, Peru

Tara Curry

Major: French
SIP: The Influence of Political Humor on Public Policy
Internship: Dr. Patrice Brodeur, University of Montreal
Location: Montreal, Canada

Anne Denton

Major: Sociology
SIP: Social and Political Factors Affecting Brazil’s Street Children
Internship: Instituto de Prevenção à Desnutrição e à Excepcionalidade
Location: Fortaleza, Brazil

Abigail Derick

Double Major: International Relations and Slavic Studies
SIP: The Globalization of Ukrainian Youth Through Music
Internship: Technologies of Optimum Personality Development (TORO) Creative Union
Location: Kirovohrad, Ukraine

Candice Duncan

Major: International Relations and Economics
SIP: The French-German Partnership and European Integration: Success or Failure?
Internship: Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques
Location: Paris, France

Tessa Engel

Double Major: International Relations and Hispanic Studies
SIP: Rape During War and Femicide During Peace: Gender-Based Violence and Impunity in Guatemala
Internship: Oficina de Derechos Humanos del Arzobispado de Guatemala
Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Jacob Garber

Double Major: International Relations and East Asian Studies
SIP: Land Rights, Migration and the Rural Economy
Internship: Wokai’s Field Partner, The Association for Rural Development of Yilong County
Location: Sichuan Province, China

Janine Gonzalez

Major: Economics
SIP: Argentina’s Social, Political, and Economic Transformation during the 2000-2001 Recession
Internship: Asociación Argentina de Presupuesto y Administración Financiera Pública
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alyssa Grabfield

Major: International Public Health (self-designed major)
SIP: Sexual Education Law Reform and Its Effect on Argentine Culture
Internship: Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rachael Hurwitz

Double Major: Economics and Hispanic Studies
SIP: The Effectiveness of Microfinance in Rural, Impoverished Regions of Peru
Internship: FINCA Peru
Location: Ayacucho, Peru

Cinthia Isla Marin

Double Major: Psychology and Government
SIP: A Comparative Study of the Psychological Impact of War-Related Trauma in South Africa and Peru
Internship: Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Thato Keineetse

Double Major: Economics and International Relations
SIP: Economic Analysis of the Implications of China’s Water Scarcity Crisis
Internship: Evotech Management Corporation – Envirotech, Inc.
Location: Shanghai, China

Karlee Keyser

Major: Japanese Language and Literature
SIP: Japanese Fashion: A Study of Culture
Internship: Kyoto Costume Institute
Location: Kyoto, Japan

Erin Luce

Double Major: English and East Asian Studies
SIP: Censorship, the Internet and Modern Chinese Fiction
Internship: Literature Department, Zhejiang University of Technology
Location: Hangzhou, China

Mariela Morel

Double Major: International Relations and History
SIP: The Most Innocent Victims: Children and the Civil War in El Salvador (1979-1992)
Internship: Childline South Africa
Location: East Durban, South Africa

Annie Motch

Major: Sociology
SIP: “Life Goes to the Most Clever, You Know”: Informal Economics and the “Resourceful” in Martinique
Internship: National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies
Location: Fort-de-France, Martinique

Matiullah Yama Noori

Double Major: International Relations and Economics
SIP: The Turkish Model of Counterinsurgency
Internship: International Strategic Research Organization
Location: Ankara, Turkey

Héctor G. Ramos Samanez

Double Major: International Relations and East Asian Studies
SIP: Political and Economic Impacts in Peru of the China-Peru Free Trade Agreement
Internship: Latin Dragon Trade
Location: Singapore

Emily Rowland-Kain

Major: International Relations
SIP: The Official and Unofficial Reality of Racism in France
Internship: SOS Racisme
Location: Paris, France Hannah Shambroom

Hannah Shambroom

Double Major: French and Art History
SIP: How Contemporary Art Shapes National Identity in Post-Colonial French West Africa
Internship: Galerie Arte
Location: Saint-Louis, Senegal

Dana Silverberg

Major: Psychology
SIP: Memory and Reconstructions in the Face of Trauma: An Examination of Oral History and the Holocaust
Internship: Yad Vashem
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Dan Swezey

Major: Chinese Language and Literature
SIP: The Effects of Modernization on Contemporary Chinese Family Relations
Internship: China Population and Development Research Center
Location: Beijing, China

Rie Tai

Double Major: International Relations and East Asian Studies
SIP: The Relationship between the Chinese Government and Environmental NGOs
Internship: The Nature Conservancy
Location: Beijing, China

Jane Thompson

Major: History
SIP: Food and National Identity: The Transition between Traditional and Modern Cuisine in 19th Century France
Internship: Librairie Gourmande
Location: Paris, France

Celia Whitehead

Major: Anthropology
SIP: Storyteller as Educator: How Story and Song Provide Cultural Identity
Internship: Centro Bartolomé de Las Casas
Location: Cusco, Peru

Sandra Woods

Major: International Relations
SIP: Effects of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption on Guatemalan Adoptions
Internship: Consejo Nacional de Adopciones
Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala