* Nicole Adams

Project: The Effects of Female Land Rights on Children's Educational Outcomes in Rural Peru
Majors: Economics and Latin American studies
Internship: Centro de Estudios y Promoción del Desarrollo (DESCO)
Location: Huancavelica, Peru

Katherine Avgerinos

Project: From Vixen to Victim: the Sensationalization of Prostitution in Post-Soviet Russia
Major: Slavic studies
Internship: The Angel Coalition
Location: Moscow, Russia

*Allyson Borgelt

Project: The Education System as a Guardian of National Identity: How Swiss Multilingualism is Protected by Recent Educational Reforms
Major: German
Internship: ch Jugendaustausch
Location: Solothrun, Switzerland

*Lauren Burke

Project: We All Fall Down: Self-fulfilling Prophecies and the Minority – Question in Chinese Educational Polices
Majors: Chinese studies and sociocultural dimensions of international relations (SD)
Internship: Institute of Dongba Culture Studies of Lijiang City
Location: Lijiang, China

Yaseen Choudhury

Project: Cultural Influences on Banking and Investment
Majors: Economics and mathematics
Internship: Morgan Stanley
Location: Purchase, New York, United States

Elizabeth Colburn

Project: Determinants of Medical Treatment Choice in the United States and Ecuador
Major: Psychology
Internship: Hospital Andino Alternativo
Location: Riobamba, Ecuador

Katharine Davidson

Project: An Investigation into International Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
Major: Psychology
Proposed Internship: Fundación Rahab
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

*Holly Dranginis

Project: In the Wake of Truth: Pursuing Justice and Reparation in Post-Truth Commission Societies
Majors: History and international relations
Internship: Coordinadora Nacional de los Derechos Humanos
Location: Lima, Peru

Patty Eames

Project: The Contrade of Siena and their Palio
Majors: Italian and sociology–based human relations
Internship: Il Consorzio per la Tutela del Palio di Siena
Location: Siena, Italy

*Alexandra Gere

Project: How "Harry Potter" Conquered France: English Children's Literature in France
Majors: English and French
Internship: Le Centre International d'Etudes en Littérature de Jeunesse
Location: Charleville-Mézières, France

Kristin Griffin

Project: Besos
Major: English
Internship: Hangar: Centre de producció d'arts visuals
Location: Spain

Priyanka Gupta

Project: "Global-I-Say-Shun?"
Majors: Economics and international relations
Internship: India Center for Human Rights and Law
Location: Mumbai, India

Jessica Howton

Project: Examining Integration and Repartition: A Comparison Study on Urban versus Rural Refugee Population
Major: International relations
Internship: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Location: Yaounde, Cameroon

*Elizabeth Hubley

Project: Las Bromelias: A Symbiosis of Globalization and Conservation (A documentary film
Majors: Film studies and Latin American studies
Internship: Grupo Ecologico Las Bromelias
Location: Upala Alajuela, Costa Rica

*James Klauder

Project: A Cross-cultural Comparison of Urban Development in Palermo, Italy and Anchorage, Alaska
Majors: Architectural studies and Italian
Internship: Dottor Maurizio Carta
Location: Palermo, Italy

*Andrew Maki

Project: Decentralization and Political Participation: Argentina and Chile in Comparative Perspective
Major: International relations
Internship: Instituto Libertad
Location: Santiago, Chile

Katherine McDowell

Project: Integration of Immigrant Children into the German Educational System through Multi-lingual Education
Major: German studies
Internship: Forschungstelle Migration & Integration
Location: Freibourg, Germany

Eliza Parad

Project: Una Iglesia Judía: Preservando el Judaísmo boy dia en Chile
Major: Latin American studies and sociology
Internship: Comunidad Israelita Sefaradi de Chile
Location: Santiago, Chile

Julie Redwine

Project: Tradition and Modernity: Historic Buildings Transformed into Modern Art Museums
Major: Art history
Internship: Palazzo delle Papesse Centro Arte Contemporanea
Location: Siena, Italy

Sarah Schmid

Project: The Portrayal of African Immigration in Spanish Media
Major: International relations
Internship: Andalucía Acoge
Location: Sevilla, Spain

Muhammad Fahad Shams

Project: Comparative Analysis of American and Canadian Pharmaceutical Industries
Majors: Computer science, economics and mathematics
Internship: Banc of America Securities
Location: New York, New York, United States

*Jason Siebenthall

Project: Mark(et)able (Dis)embodiment: A Phenomenal Analysis of the Masculine Body, Sexuality and Desire in French Advertising
Major: Body, gender & media studies (SD) and French
Internship: Musée de la Publicité
Location: Paris, France

*Kimberly Stellavato

Project: Italian Women in the 21st Century
Majors: Italian and sociology-based human relations
Internship: Centro Italiano Femminile
Location: Bologna, Italy

Sarah Tillotson

Project: Climbing the Corporate Ladder: The Career Development of Japanese Women
Major: Japanese
Internship: Hartford Life Insurance K.K.
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Katherine Wyly

Project: Jewish-Muslim Integration into European Society
Major: Interdisciplinary inquiries into cultural otherness (SD)
Internship: Human Rights Without Frontiers International
Location: Brussels, Belgium

* Denotes CISLA Honors