Sarah Allen

Project: The Effects of Ecotourism on the Environment and Economy of Costa Rica
Double major: International Relations and Hispanic Studies
Internship: Fundacion Neotropica
Location: Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Gili Ben-Yosef

Project: Judaismo a Tu Manera: What It Means to be Jewish in 21st Century Buenos Aires
Major: Sociology-Based Human Relations
Internship: The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ingrid Brudvig

Project: Response to the World Food Crisis: International Perspectives, Alternative Visions, and Prospects for the Future
Double major: Anthropology and International Relations
Internship: Gender, Equity, and Rural Employment Division of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
Location: Rome, Italy

Annie Burrows

Project: The Globalization of Dance
Double major: Biology and Latin American Studies
Internship: Museo de Baile Flamenco
Location: Seville, Spain

Emily Carter

Project: Dominican Domestic Workers in Spain: Migration, Remittances, and Development
Major: Sociology
Internship: Voluntariado de Madres Dominicanas
Location: Madrid, Spain

Jessamyn Cox

Project: Der Blaue Reiter: Gender Roles in German Expressionist Art
Double major: Art History and German Studies
Internship: Staedtisches Kunstmuseum Spendhaus Reutlingen
Location: Reutlingen, Germany

Carla Debbane

Project: Original Composition Inspired by Argentine Music
Major: Music Composition
Internship: Indigo Producciones
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

George Fernandez

Project: Real Estate Development and Migrant Worker Identity in Modern Beijing
Major: Chinese Language and Literature
Internships: Century 21 China Real Estate and NBC Olympics Hospitality Program
Location: Beijing, China

Erin Holstein

Project: Ethnic Identity and Intolerance: An Analysis of the Cultural Integration of Moroccan Immigrants on Spanish Society
Double major: Anthropology and Hispanic Studies
Internship: Association of Moroccan Immigrant Workers in Spain
Location: Madrid, Spain

Emily Lawton

Project: The Psychological Repercussions of Terrorism
Double major: Psychology and Mathematics
Internship: La Asociacion 11M Afectados del Terrorismo
Location: Madrid, Spain

Alexandra Mamo

Project: Manga as a Story-Telling Method
Major: East Asian Studies
Internship: Kyoto International Manga Museum
Location: Kyoto, Japan

John Andras Molnar

Project: Education and Policy of the Korean Minority in Japan
Major: Japanese Language and Literature
Internship: Kyoiku Jihosha, with reporter Hideki Nakazawa
Location: Osaka, Japan

James Noonan

Project: International Security between Russia and Western Europe
Major: International Relations
Internship: Russian News and Information Agency Novosti
Location: Moscow, Russia

Ferda Salman

Project: The Impact of International Trade on Economic Growth in the United States
Double major: Economics and Mathematics
Internship: Citi Smith Barney
Location: New York, New York, USA

Taylor Sperry

Project: Justice for Memory: The Disappeared in Argentina
Major: English
Internship: Latin American Federation of Families of the Disappeared
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lynne Stillings

Project: Promoting Children's Rights through Senegalese Music
Major: Music
Internship: Accent Multiples
Location: Dakar, Senegal

Qiyao Sun

Project: Sino-Japanese Economic Relationships
Double major: Economics and East Asian Studies
Internship: The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Jacques Swartz

Project: Group Relations and Cultural Dynamics in Montreal Music
Major: Sociology-Based Human Relations
Internship: NIGHTLIFE Productions
Location: Montreal, Canada

Madeline Thomson

Project: Mexico's Refugee Procedures towards Central Americans: An Analytical Comparison with the United States and Canada
Double major: International Relations and Latin American Studies
Internship: Sin Fronteras
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Caroline Trowbridge

Project: The German Response to Global Warming and Climate Change
Double major: International Relations and German Studies
Internship: Buendnis 90/Die Gruenen im Landtag von Baden-Wuerttemberg
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

David Urbaneja-Furelos

Project: The Europeanization of Chinese Businesses: The Rising Sino-European Entrepreneurial Relations
Double major: International Relations and East Asian Studies
Internship: United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Investment and Technology Promotion Office
Location: Beijing and Taiyuan, China

Tianyi Xu

Project: Italian Perceptions of Chinese and Chinese Culture
Double major: Economics and Italian
Internship: Fondazione Italia Cina
Location: Milan, Italy