Rebecca Anthopolos

Project: Future policy within Africare: An analysis of the informal sector
Major: International Relations
Internship: Africare
Location: Bamako,Mali

Jamison Arterton

Project: The transition from emergency to development assistance*
Major: International Relations
Internship: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Erin Bechard

Project: The new European Monetary Union (EMU) and the structure of German firms*
Majors: Economics and German
Internships: Commerzbank AG and Center for European Economic Research
Location: Heidelberg and Mannheim, Germany

Caitlin Birk

Project: Women in the modern Chilean workforce*
Major: Hispanic Studies
Internship: Women' s Institute
Location: ConcepciÛn, Chile

Emma Elizabeth Bowen

Project: Human architecture an the Italian family
Major: Architectural Studies
Internship: Elena Carlini and Pietro Valle, Architecture Associates
Location: Trieste, Italy

Tiffany Bowlby

Project: Contraceptive programs in the United States and Senegal: A comparative study*
Major: Anthropology
Proposed Internship: Work in a non-governmental organization that promotes equality between sexes.
Location: Senegal

Winnie Butler

Project: Obstacles to political party development in post-Soviet Russia: The historical crisis of Russian civil society*
Major: Government
Internship: Institute of Scientific Information, Russian Academy of Sciences
Location: Moscow, Russia Gabriel


Project: Cross-cultural perspectives on student activism
Major: Psychology
Internship: Amnesty International
Location: Santiago, Chile

Jennifer DeLeon

Project: The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and the United Nations Development Program : A comparative study
Major: International Relations
Internship: UNIFEM
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Hanh Diep

Project: Health care in metropolitan France and post-colonial Martinique
Major: Government
Internship: Directional Department of Health and Social Affairs
Location: Fort-de-France, Martinique

Maria Engel

Project: The media and the image of the female body
Major: Hispanic Studies
Internship: Elle magazine
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lisa Flannery

Project: Non-marital unions and the homosexual community
Major: French
Internship: Gay and Lesbian Center
Location: Paris, France

Anthony Fratta

Project: Italian regionalism in the 1990s*
Major: Government
Internship: Ministry of the Treasury
Location: Rome, Italy

Cydnee Freedland

Project: Remembering the Nanjing Massacre*
Majors: Chinese and Japanese Studies
Internship: Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall
Location: Nanjing, China

Jordana Gustafson

Project: Oral histories of Mexican migrant workers returned from the United States
Major: English
Internship: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Location: Colima, Mexico

Abigail Howard

Project: Uncovering Argentine identity through history and gender
Major: English
Internship: Permanent Assembly of Human Rights
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Peter Kroll

Project: Agricultural development in the Tehuacan region of central Mexico
Major: Economics
Internship: International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center
Location: Tehuacan, Mexico

Adam Larkey

Project: The Americanization of German television news
Major: Government
Internship: N-TV
Location: Berlin, Germany

Amanda Mochan

Project: Music and politics in WWII France*
Major: History
Internship: Radio France
Location: Paris, France

Christopher Portante

Project: English loan-words in Russian*
Major: Russian and East European Studies
Internships: Russian Academy of Sciences - Institute of Linguistic Research, National Press Institute
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Olga Samborska

Project: Cultural effects of transnational immigration: The Japanese in Bolivia
Minor: Japanese
Major: Latin American Studies
Internship: Bolivia-Okinowa Kenzinkai
Location: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Lauren Shadford

Project: Contemporary art in the home of the Renaissance
Major: Art History
Internship: Luigi Pecci Museum
Location: Prato, Italy

Varun Swamy

Project: India's challenge: Balancing conservation and development through sustainable management of natural resources*
Major: Environmental Studies
Internship: Center for Science and Environment
Location: New Delhi, India

Aylin Talgar

Project: The growth of non-governmental organizations on the developing world: Implications for the state
Major: International Relations
Internship: Women for Women's Human Rights
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Caitlin Thompson

Project:Impressions of the millennium: Tradition & Modernity
Major: Ethnobotany
Internship: Ethnobotony Field Research
Location: Ubud, Indonesia

Mariyan Zumbulev

Project: The European Union's eastern enlargement: Lessons from the past and prospects for the future*
Majors: International Relations and Economics
Internship: Center for European Policy Studies
Location: Brussels, Belgium

* denotes Honors Thesis