CISLA Class of 2020 at United Nations

Sophia Angele-Kuehn

Major: English

Language: German
SIP: The Exo-Phony: Exploring Transnational Identity Through Multigenerational Narrative
Internship: Literaturhaus Berlin
Location: Berlin, Germany
Faculty Advisors: Blanche Boyd and Suzuko Knott

Julie Blazar

Major: Hispanic Studies

Language: Spanish
SIP: The Representation of North African Immigrants in French and Spanish Film
Internship: Spanish Red Cross
Location: Toledo, Spain
Faculty Advisor: Luis Gonzalez

Scott Brauer

Majors: Human Development and German Studies

Language: German
SIP: Psychological and Sociological Effects of Learning German
for Adolescent Migrants in Germany
Internship: Gotthard-Kuehl Schule
Location: Lübeck, Germany
Faculty Advisor: Sunil Bhatia

Dominique Burrows

Major: Economics

Language: Spanish
SIP: Causes of and Barriers Within the Informal Economy:
How to Promote Change for Women Domestic Workers in Lima, Peru
Internship: La Casa Panchita
Location: Lima, Peru
Faculty Advisor: Candace Howes

Christian Carr-Locke

Major: International Relations

Language: French
SIP: The Development of the Tourism Industry in Paris, France
Internship: ChoYou
Location: Paris, France
Faculty Advisor: John Tian

Robert Celado

Majors: International Relations and East Asian Studies

Language: Chinese
SIP: The Trade War Between China and the United States
Internship: Beijing School
Location: Beijing, China
Faculty Advisor: John Tian

Jonathan Gomez-Pereira

Majors: Botany and Anthropology

Language: Spanish
SIP: Rejecting Extractivism: Mapuche Resistance in Bariloche Argentina
Internship: Comisión Argentina para Refugiados y Migrantes
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Faculty Advisor: Catherine Benoit

Claudia Heim

Major: Biology

Language: Italian
SIP: The Effectiveness of Italian Law 104/92: Healthcare for Pediatric Physical Disabilities
Internship: Fondazione Santa Lucia Neuroscienze e Reabilitazione
Location: Rome, Italy
Faculty Advisors: Frida Morelli and Jennifer Gorman

Elizabeth Hensley

Major: International Relations

Language: Arabic
SIP: The Refugee Economy in Jordan
Internship: Near East Foundation
Location: Amman, Jordan
Faculty Advisor: Purba Mukerji

Amiansu Khanal

Majors: Economics and Government

Language: English
SIP: How Brexit is Affecting the United Kingdom’s Financial Institutions
Internship: LPA Beratungsgesellschaft-Holding
Location: Frankfurt, Germany and London, England
Faculty Advisor: Edward McKenna

Zelal Kilic

Majors: Psychology and Computer Science

Language: English
SIP: Binge-Watching and Its Correlates of Personality and Problematic Internet Use
in a South African Sample
Internship: Harvard University and Stellenbosch University
Location: Boston, MA and Stellenbosch, South Africa
Faculty Advisor: Audrey Zakriski

Hana Kristensen

Majors: International Relations and Hispanic Studies

Language: Spanish
SIP: The Representation of the Last Dictatorship in Argentine Cinema
Internship: Democracia en Red
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Faculty Advisor: Luis Gonzalez

Grace McGee

Major: Botany

Language: Spanish
SIP: The Importance of Botany and Archival Studies in Modern Society
Internship: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Facultad de Biología)
Location: Madrid, Spain
Faculty Advisor: Chad Jones

Madeleine Megargee

Majors: Sociology and French

Language: French
SIP: How Public Transportation Can Combat Social and Economic Inequality
Internship: Medhi Hazgui
Location: Bordeaux, France
Faculty Advisor: Ronald Flores

Ibrahim Mohamed

Majors: Economics and International Relations

Language: Arabic
SIP: The Economic Contribution of Refugees in Lebanon
Internship: United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Faculty Advisor: Dean Accardi

Dylann Nasr

Majors: International Relations and French

Language: French
SIP: Europe’s Asylum Policy: The Dublin Regulations
and What They Mean for the European Union
Internship: Refugee Women's Centre
Location: Dunkirk, France
Faculty Advisor: David Patton

Conor O'Neil

Major: Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology

Language: Italian
SIP: Social, Economic, and Political Aspects of the Healthcare Systems
in Italy and the United States
Internship: Azienda Ospedaliera Padova
Location: Padova, Italy
Faculty Advisor: Marc Zimmer

Ali Plucinski

Major: Government

Language: Russian
SIP: The Resurgence of Russia in the International System
via Foreign Policy Strategy in the Middle East
Internship: Higher School of Economics St. Petersburg
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Faculty Advisor: Caroleen Sayej

Maryum Qasim

Major: International Relations

Language: French
SIP: Effects of Drone Strikes on the Life of the Civilian Population
Internship: United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Faculty Advisor: Peter Mitchell

Dana Rodwin

Majors: Biology and Hispanic Studies

Language: Spanish
SIP: The Endangerment and Conservation of Wildlife in Costa Rica 
Internship: Área de Conservación Guanacaste
Location: Liberia, Costa Rica
Faculty Advisor: Chad Jones

Thea Sweet

Major: International Relations

Language: Arabic
SIP: How Morocco's Process of Economic Liberalization Plays Out in a
Strong Rooted Semi-Authoritarian and Monarchical Regime
Internship: OB COM
Location: Rabat, Morocco
Faculty Advisor: John Tian

Shyanne Temple

Major: Biochemistry

Language: Spanish
SIP: The Effects of Environmental Pollutant Particulate Matter 2.5
on Infants Born Small for Gestational Age in Temuco, Chile
Internship: University of Chile
Location: Santiago, Chile
Faculty Advisor: Tanya Schneider

Julia Thomas

Majors: Environmental Studies and Italian Studies

Language: Italian
SIP: The Role of Community Gardens 
Internship: Orti Dipinti
Location: Florence, Italy
Faculty Advisor: Rachel Black

Isis Torres Nuñez

Major: Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology

Language: Spanish
SIP: The Dangerous Rise of Antibiotic Resistance in Contemporary Spain
Internship: Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Faculty Advisor: Anne Bernhard

Mikayla Waterhouse

Major: Film Studies

Language: Italian
SIP: The Illusion of Fascism
Internship: CineBooking
Location: Rome, Italy
Faculty Advisor: Ross Morin