Emily Barry

Project: Immigration and Urban Identity: Three Case Studies on the Redefinition of Municipal Identity After Socio-Demographic Change in Contemporary Spain
Double major: International relations and Hispanic studies
Internship: Ayuntamiento de Madrid; el Observatorio de las Migraciones y de la Convivencia Intercultura
Location: Madrid, Spain

Christopher Bothur

Project: Tactfully Feeding the Dragon: How China's Economic Development Impacts Foreign Nations and its Effort to Curb Criticism
Triple major: East Asian studies, economics and international relations
Internship: United Nations Industrial Development Organization - Investment and Technology Promotion Office (UNIDO IPS)
Location: Beijing, China

Lily Bower

Project: Working Children and Nongovernments: The New Economic Responsibilities of Peruvian NGO's in the Movement Against Child Labor
Major: International relations
Internship: Acción por los Niños
Location: Lima, Peru

Suki Boynton

Project: Caravaggio and the Homoerotic Male in Art
Major: Art history
Internship: Galleria degli Uffizi
Location: Florence, Italy

Elizabeth Bradley

Project: An Exploration of Ecotourism Development in Madagascar: Its Challenges, its Possibilities, and its Prospects
Major: Environmental studies
Internship: L'Office National du Tourisme de Madagascar (ONTM)
Location: Antananarivo, Madagascar

Tesandra Cohen

Project: Cross-Cultural Evaluation of the Portrayal of Sexuality in Tenn Media of Spain and the U.S.
Major: Psychology-based human relations
Internship: Departamento de Medicina Preventiva y Salud Pública Facultad Medicina, Universidad de Navarra
Location: Pamplona, Spain

Caley Corsello

Project: Art of the Oppressed during Pinochet's Dictatorship in Chile
Major: Latin American studies
Internship: La Agrupación de Familiares de Detenidos Desaparecidos
Location: Santiago, Chile

Sarah Felch

Project: Analyzing French Caribbean Women's Literature as a Way to Understand How Past Colonization Influences Present French Caribbean Society
Double major: English and French
Internship: Éditions Desnel
Location: Fort de France, Martinique

Søren Gabrielsen

Project: International Justice and Law: The Nazi War Crimes Trials as Developmental Process
Double major: German studies and philosophy
Internship: Gedenkstätte Bergen-Belsen
Location: Lohheide, Germany

Eva Glaser

Project: Stepping in to the Milonga: An Examination of Tango Culture and its Reflection of Argentine Society in Buenos Aires
Major: Sociology
Internship: Academia Nacional del Tango
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jessie Gonthier

Project: Millennial Movements Among the Indigenous People of North America and Melanesia and the Enduring Fight against Colonialism
Major: Anthropology
Internship: Musée de Tahiti
Location: Papeete, Tahiti

Elizabeth Greenman

Project: The Other Face of Globalization: An Analysis of the Representations of Chinese Female Migrant Workers
Double major: East Asian studies and Latin American studies
Major: Economics
Internship: American Employees Association – Camp Adventure
Location: Beijing, China

Trent Hardman

Project: Bursting the Bubble: Spain's Impact on Europe's Climate Change Regime
Major: International relations
Internship: Greenpeace España
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Joanna Hitchner

Project: Bananas in Martinique: How Trade Liberalization Might Hurt the Banana Industry and its Workers and a Review of Policy Options
Major: Economics
Internship: ATTOO Sarl.
Location: Fort de France, Martinique

Grant Hogan

Project: The Emergence of Gay Culture in China
Double major: Chinese studies and international relations
Internship: POLICY Project China
Location: Yunnann, China

Emily Honstein

Project: La Ley Organica: The Influence of Political Discourse in the Exclusion of Third World Immigrants in Spain
Double major: Hispanic studies and international relations
Internship: Andalucía Acoge
Location: Sevilla, Spain

Ross Jordan

Project: Different Strokes: Otherness and Difference in 16th Century Art of Mexico
Major: Studio art
Internship: Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas, UNAM
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Joseph Larkin

Project: Examining the Impact of Immigration on UK Labor Markets
Double major: Economics and psychology
Internship: Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände (BDA)
Location: Berlin, Germany

Lindsay Lehr

Project: Social Capital and Class Divide in Urban Argentina: Linking Social Capital and Increased Capabilities
Internship: Cámara de Exportadores de la República de Argentina (CERA)
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Emily Mahoney

Project: Exploring the Possibility of Religious Freedom: A Comparative Study of New Religious Movements in France and the United States Post World War II
Major: American studies
Internship: Mouvement contre le Racisme et pour l'Amitié entre les Peuples (MRAP)
Location : Paris, France

Megan McCarthy

Project: A Review of the Etiology and Treatment of Glue Addiction among Latin American Street Children
Double major: Latin American studies and psychology
Internship: Proniño
Location: El Progresso, Honduras

Andrew McCullough

Project: Tracking the Redevelopment of Florence's Urban Landscape in the 19th Century
Double major: Architectural studies and Italian studies
Internship: Andrea Ponsi
Location: Florence, Italy

Lilli Millhiser

Project: Graffiti and Street Art in Barcelona
Major: Art history
Internship: Gallería N2
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Andrea Packard

Project: Competing Identities: Athletic Versus National Identity in Barcelona
Double major: Art and psychology
Internship: The Center for Olympics Studies
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Elizabeth Pearson

Project: Playing with Fire: Variations Sur le Tragique, d'Antigone a Titus
Major: French
Internship: Cassandre/Horschamp, Cité Européen des Récollets
Location: Paris, France

Justin Preston

Project: Understanding Attitudes Towards Psychology: A Comparison of the United States and Germany
Major: Psychology
Internship: Universität Bonn, Abteilung Sozial und Persönlichkeitspsychologie
Location: Bonn, Germany

Jessica Soffer

Project: Our Traditions Have Changed
Double major: English and Latin American studies
Internship: Fundación Rahab
Location: San José, Costa Rica

Linh Dam Vu

Project: Ideals and Techniques of Rulership in the Huainanzi
Triple major: East Asian studies, history and international relations
Internship: National University of Taiwan
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Elaine Weisman

Project: Youth Sexual Health Education in Peru: Rights and Responsibilities
Major: Sociology
Internship: REDESS Jóvenes
Location: Lima, Peru

Stephanie Weiss

Project: Protecting Children: Creating an International Model
Major: Sociology-based human relations
Internship: Landeshauptstadt (Department of Youth Welfare)
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Marissa Yarbrow

Project: From Franco to Zapatero: Investigating Domestic Violence in Spain
Double major: Anthropology and Hispanic studies
Internship: Consejo de la Mujer de Madrid
Location: Madrid, Spain

Jordan Yearsley

Project: The Al-Aqsa Intifada Did Not Take Place: France, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, & Fluctuations in Anti-Semitic Violence
Double major: International relations and religious studies
Internship: Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l'antisemitisme (LICRA)
Location: Paris, France