Caite Alexander

Language: Japanese; Major: Economics

SIP: Japanese Policies that Promote Women in the Workplace
Internship: Osaka Gender Equality Foundation
Location: Japan

Joseph Blair

Language: French; Major: Biology

SIP: The Role of PRC2 in Malignant Transformation
Internship: Institut Curie Centre de Recherche
Location: Paris, France

Alexis Cheney

Language: French; Major: English

SIP: Legal and Political Portrayal of Prostitutes in Nineteenth Century French and American Literature
Internship: Equipes D' Action Contre le Proxenetisme
Location: Paris, France

Vladimir Chlouba

Language: German; Major: International Relations and Economics

SIP:  German Economic Diplomacy in Namibia
Internship: United Nations Information Center
Location: Windhoek, Namibia

Vanessa Correia

Language: Arabic; Major: Biology and Arabic language and literature

SIP: Health and Nutrition of Syrian Refugees in Jordan
Internship: Save the Children
Location: Amman, Jordan

Morgan Cowie-Haskell

Language: Spanish; Major: History

SIP: Divided History: Educational Policy and Reform in Guatemala
Internship: Mayan Families
Location: Guatemala

Julia Enos

Language: French; Major: International Relations and French

SIP: Influence of French Public Policy on Media Portrayal of Migrant Human Rights 
Internship: United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Abby Fagan

Language: German; Majors: Government and German

SIP: Sustainability of the Mittelstand and German Family Businesses
Internship: PricewaterhouseCoopers
Location: Dusseldorf, Germany

Daniel Gossels

Language: Spanish; Major: International Relations and Hispanic Studies

SIP: Irregular Immigration in Spain and its Influence on Domestic and International Policies
Internship: Grupo de Investigacion sobre Espacio y Poder
Location: Madrid, Spain

Mia Haas-Goldberg

Language: French; Major: International Relations and History

SIP: French Media Coverage of the Algerian War and its Influence on Immigration Policy
Internship: Centre de Documentation Historique sur l' Algerie
Location: Aix-en-Provence, France

Anna Glidden

Language: Chinese Major: East Asian Studies

SIP: "Who Wrote it Anyway?"  An original play questioning cultural identity 
Internship: Beijing Playhouse
Location: Beijing, China

Kamal Kariem

Language: Russian; Major: Slavic Studies and Anthropology

SIP: Narratives of Nationalism in the Russian Ethnographic Museum
Internship: European University of St. Petersburg
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Caroline Leonard

Language: Spanish; Major: International Relations and Hispanic Studies

SIP: Evaluating Reintegration and Peace Negotiation with FARC
Internship: Agencia Colombiana para La Reintegration
Location: Bogotá, Colombia

Sophia Liebman

Language: Chinese; Major: East Asian Studies

SIP: The Influence of Qing Rape Laws in the Social Construction of Homosexuality
Internship: Center for the Study of Sexualities
Location: Taoyuan,Taiwan

Claire Lingham

Language: Chinese; Major: East Asian Studies

SIP: China's Rise in the Global Wine Market
Internship: Changyu Pioneer Wine Company
Location: Yantai, China

Melissa Mangum

Language: French; Major: International Relations and Economics

SIP: Economic Integration and National Identity in France
Internship: Moziak RH
Location: Paris, France

Liv Markham

Language: Chinese; Major: Psychology

SIP: Stigma Behind Mental Illness in China
Internship: Linzi Counseling Center, Shanghai
Location: Shanghai, China

Joanna Marks

Language: French; Major: Psychology and French

SIP: Psychological Reactions to Anti-Semitism in France
Internship: L' Alliance Israélite Universelle
Location: Paris, France

Kelsey Millward

Language: French; Major: International Relations and History

SIP: The Global Refugee Crisis and Threats to French National Security
Internship: Institut International des Droits de l'Homme
Location: Strasbourg, France

Jamie Moon

Language: Spanish; Major: Psychology

SIP: Psychological Parameters of Sports Fanaticism 
Internship: Federción Nacional de Futbol Peruano
Location: Lima, Peru

Kui Murage

Language: French; Major: Environmental Science

SIP: Governmental Structures and Their Influence on Effective Environmental Policies
Internship: Ministère de l’Égalité des territoires et du Logement
Location: Paris, France

Lillian Ngo

Language: Chinese; Major: Botany

SIP: Intersections Between Medicine and Food: How Traditional Medicine Permeates Everyday Life
Internship: Lifu Museum of Chinese Medicine
Location: Taichung, Taiwan

Stephanie Reeves

Language: Russian; Major: Behavioral Neuroscience and Dance

SIP: An Historical Perspective of Mental Health in Russia
Internship: Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology
Location: Moscow, Russia

Leela Riesz

Languages: Spanish and French; Major: Anthropology

SIP: The Immigrant Experience in Spain and Processes of Identity Formation through the Lens of Food
Internship: Almeria Acoge
Location: Almeria, Spain

Helen Hope Rolfe

Language: Japanese; Major: East Asian Studies

SIP: The History of Ballet in Japan
Internship: K-Classic Ballet Studio
Location: Kyoto, Japan

Maggie Schroeder

Language: Spanish; Major: Hispanic Studies and Government

SIP: Marginalization of Gypsies in Spain
Internship: ManpowerGroup Espana
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Taylor Sivori

Language: Italian; Majors: Psychology and Italian Studies

SIP:  Psychological and Social Impact of High Unemployment Rates of Young Adults in Italy
Internship: InProgress Calabria
Location: Pizzo, Italy

Kathryn Sullivan

Language: French and Arabic; Major: International Relations and French

SIP: Portrayals of Violence Against Women in Moroccan and Western Media
Internship: Amnesty International Morocco
Location: Rabat, Morocco

Jake Summers

Language: French; Major: Botany

SIP: Challenges Implementing Sustainable Agriculture in Madagascar
Internship: NGO Fauna and Flora Group
Location: Fontismavo, Madagascar

Erik Wu-Leung

Language: Chinese; Major: Psychology

SIP: Cultural Attitudes and Perceptions of Autism in China
Internship: Wucailu Center for Children with Autism
Location: Beijing, China