Moriam Abiola

Project: The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and MERCOSUR: Grandiose goals or regional economic cooperation at its best?
Majors: Economics and French
Internship: Economic Community of West African States
Location: Dakar, Senegal

Grace Albinson

Project: Alberto Giacometti: Art and existentialism in Postwar Paris 1945 -1955
Major: Art History
Internship: The Louvre
Location: Paris, France

Kate Babkirk

Project: Sustainability for the land and justice for the people: A critical look at community eco-tourism
Major: Anthropology
Internship: Institute of Nature and Society of Oaxaca
Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

Allison Bash

Project: The charismatic Catholic movement in Martinique
Major: Religious Studies
Internship: Catholic Diocese of Fort-de-France
Location: Fort-De-France, Martinique

Amélie Baudot

Project: Agriculture and development: The 2001 World Trade Organization ministerial conference in Doha, Qatar
Major: International Relations
Internship: The South Center
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Michael Brennan

Project: Indigenous and urban identity in transit: Paraguay's cultural movements
Major: Anthropology
Internship: Center for the Visual Arts - The Barro Museum
Location: Asunción, Paraguay

Justin DiMatteo

Project: Daycare and its relationship to the welfare state in Germany
Majors: International Relations and German
Internship: Ortenaukreis Office of Social and Psychological Work
Location: Offenburg, Germany

Laurel Dudley

Project: Human Rights in Senegal
Major: International Relations
Internship: African Meeting for the Protection of Human Rights
Location: Dakar, Senegal

Marko Dumancic

Project: Masculinity: An ideology in crisis
Major: History
Internship: Elle Magazine
Location: Moscow, Russia

Georgi Giozov

Project: Eastern enlargement and the European monetary integration
Major: Economics
Internship: Bundesbank
Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Juliet Guzzetta

Project: The reception of Italian cinema in American culture
Major: Italian
Minor: Theater
Internship: Cinecittà Studios
Location: Rome, Italy

Kamran Hasnain

Project: E-commerce in the global economy
Majors: Computer Science and Economics
Internship: Magnetic Data Technologies Goleta
Location: California, USA

Tim Host

Project: Can "Save the Children" save the children in Bolivia?
Major: Sociology
Internship: Save the Children
Location: La Paz, Bolivia

Kalin Ivanov

Project: Enlarging the European Union: What really determines who joins and when?
Majors: International Relations and Economics
Internship: Center for European Studies of Strasbourg
Location: Strasbourg, France

Eunice Kua

Project: Science writing and the human genome project
Major: Biochemistry Cellular and Molecular Biology
Internship: South Pacific Information Services, Ltd.
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Zhiyi Li

Project: A rational analysis of the Internet economy
Majors: Computer Science and Economics
Internship: Starmedia Networking Inc.
Location: New York, New York, USA

Sarah Malaquias

Project: The abortion pill, RU-486, in France and the United States
Majors: French (Pre-med)
Internship: French Movement for Family Planning
Location: Pau, France

William Marshall

Project: Management practices in modern Japan
Majors: Economics and Japanese Studies
Internship: Merrill Lynch Securities Japan
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Michelle Miller

Project: Legislation for women in the workforce
Major: Government
Internship: International Labor Organization
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Ana Molina

Project: Japanese and Latin American Economic Relations in the New Millennium
Majors: Economics and Japanese Studies
Internships: Market & Opinion Research International and American International Group, Inc.
Location: Santiago, Chile

Jeff Oviedo

Project: The cultural identity of Nicaraguan immigrants in Costa Rica
Major: American Studies
Internship: Latin American Faculty for Social Sciences (FLASCO)
Location: San José, Costa Rica

Catherine Putnam

Project: The evolution of the fight against female circumcision
Major: Sociology
Minor: International Politics
Internship: Malian Women's Association for the Promotion and Protection of the Family
Location: Bamako, Mali

Wilbert Quintanilla

Project: Oil development in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Majors: Latin American Studies and Anthropology
Internship: The Nature Conservancy
Location: Quito, Ecuador

Abha Rao

Project: Adjusting to a new land: Immigrants in New Zealand
Major: Psychology
Internship: Auckland Migrant Centre
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Amanda Roman

Project: Coco Chanel's influence on the French
Majors: French and Dance
Internship: Elle Magazine
Location: Paris, France

Rebecca Ruan

Project: The determinants of Japanese foreign direct investment in China
Major: Japanese Studies and Economics
Internships: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and China Chamber of International Commerce
Location: Beijing, China

Alina Skonieczny

Project: Cultural politics under Getúlio Vargas and Adolf Hitler
Major: Comparative Studies in Culture and Art
Internship: Brazilian Embassy
Location: Berlin, Germany

Kate Telfeyan

Project: Children's literature and representations of women in contemporary Spain
Major: English
Internship: International Center for Children and Youth Literature
Location: Salamanca, Spain

Erika Temple

Project: Architecture and urban renewal in Barcelona past and present
Major: Architectural Studies
Internship: University of Barcelona
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Ashley Van Vort

Project: Childhood's apartheid: The "street children" and "home children" of northeast Brazil
Major: Cultural-based Child Psychology
Internship: Children Out of the Streets, In Schools
Location: Fortaleza, Brazil

Kate Woodsome

Project: Cultural identity in contemporary Cuba
Internship: Center for Cuban Studies of New York
Location: Havana, Cuba