Melanie Argueta

Language: Spanish; Major: Molecular Biology

SIP: Tuberculosis and HIV Treatments
Internship: AIDS Research Group Facultad de Medicina
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Starla Coffee

Languages: German and Italian; Majors: German and Italian

SIP: South Tyrol’s Education System as a Reflection of Linguistic, Cultural and National Identity
Internship: Südtiroler Schützenbund
Location: South Tyrol, Italy

Danielle Cyr

Language: Turkish; Majors: International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies

SIP: Historical, Political, and Cultural Influences on Women’s Rights in Turkey
Internship: KADAV Women's Solidarity Foundation
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Sophia Delevie-Orey

Language: Spanish; Majors: History and Hispanic Studies

SIP: History of Sexual Education in Chile
Internship: Ministry of Education, Sexual Education Programs
Location: Santiago, Chile

Benedikt Gottwald

Language: English; Majors: Economics and International Relations

SIP: Effect of Information Technology on Firm Structure Across Geographies and Industries
Internship: Redwood Capital Group
Location: New York City, U.S.

Richard Hogoboom

Language: Mandarin; Major: International Relations

SIP:  Effects of the Diaoyu Islands Dispute on the Balance of Power
Internship: Time Out Beijing
Location: Beijing, China

Michael Joyce

Language: German; Major: Physics

SIP: Research on Novel Instrumentation for the Gravitational Wave Detection in Space
Internship: Albert Einstein Institute
Location: Hanover, Germany

Winona Mantelli

Language: Japanese; Major: Human Development

SIP: Language Socialization in Japanese Elementary Schools
Internship: Koganei Elementary School
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Rachel Newman

Language: Spanish; Major: Art History

SIP: Indigenism, Primitivism, and Hybridization in South American Art
Internship: Museum of Pre-Columbian and Indigenous Art
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

Eavey Newton

Language: German; Majors: Studio Art and German Studies

SIP: Urban Media Culture in Public Art
Internship: Public Art Lab
Location: Berlin, Germany

Ashling O'Donnell

Language: French; Majors: International Relations and Religious Studies

SIP: Deconstructing Corporal Piety: Pregnancy and Ramadan
Internship: High Atlas Foundation
Location: Marrakesh, Morocco

Danielle Palmieri

Language: Spanish; Major: English

SIP: Gender and Self-Identity in Chilean Literature 
Internship: MilAires Boutique de Libros
Location: Santiago, Chile

Diana Petravicjusa

Language: German; Majors: Economics and International Relations

SIP: The Ukraine Crisis: Role, Effects and Effectiveness of Sanctions
Internship: Investment Consulting "Smart Securities" LLC
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Mike Picard

Language: Hebrew; Majors: International Relations and Anthropology

SIP: Competing Social and National Identities among Israeli Arabs
Internship: Kav LaOved (Workers' Hotline)
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

S. Massoud Sallah

Language: French; Major: Architectural Studies

SIP: Green Architecture for School Design in a Remote Village
Internship: Payette
Location: Boston, U.S.

Leland Sidle

Language: Russian; Major: Slavic Studies

SIP: Islam in Russia 
Internship: Citizens' Watch
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Caeli Smith

Language: Italian; Majors: Studio Art and Italian

SIP: National Identity and Film
Internship: Il Kino Cinema Organization and the United Nations World Food Programme
Location: Rome, Italy

Maureen Smolskis

Language: Spanish; Major: International Relations

SIP: The Impact of Urban Migrations on Indigenous Communities:    The Case of the Shipibos
Internship: U.S. Department of State, Western Hemisphere Bureau, Economic Section
Location: Lima, Peru

Jonathon Stark

Language: Japanese; Major: Physics

SIP: SR Technique and Muon Lifetime and Magnetic Movement
Internship: J-PARC SR Group (Tokai campus)
Location: Tokai, Japan

Neal Jujian Tan

Language: German; Majors: Economics and International Relations

SIP: Impact of Co-Determination Policies on Company Productivity in Germany
Internship: MATRADE
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Claire Von Loesecke

Language: French; Majors: Economics and French

SIP: Application of the Solow Model to Food and Beverage Processing in Senegal: Efficiency, Labor Productivity and Competitiveness
Internship: Consortium pour la recherche economique et sociale 
Location: Dakar, Senegal

Kenan Wan

Languages: Russian and Chinese; Majors: Slavic Studies and Economics

SIP: Chinese Migrant Workers in Eastern Europe
Internship: Ghibil Logistics Company Ltd.
Location: Budapest, Hungary

Audrey Wayman

Language: French; Majors: Psychology and French

SIP: Effects of Music Therapy in France
Internship: Studio of Music Therapy of Burgundy
Location: Dijon, France

Jier Yang

Language: Japanese; Major: East Asian Languages and Cultures

SIP: Kyofukai and Global Women's Movement
Internship: Kyofukai, Japan Christian Women's Organization
Location: Tokyo, Japan