Sarah Allar

Project: Trials in Argentina: Memory, Truth, and Justice
Double major: International Relations and Latin American Studies
Internship: Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Susannah Branch

Project: Music in a General Direction: A Collection of Short Stories
Double major: English and Hispanic Studies
Internship: Dirección General de Música
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Patricia Carey

Project: Sociological Examination of Immigration in Italy
Major: Sociology-based Human Relations
Internship: L'Osservatorio sull'Immigrazione
Location: Torino, Italy

Andrew Carten

Project: The Effects of Globalization on the French Wine Industry
Double major: International Relations and French
Internship: Vittisphere, S.A.
Location: Montpellier, France

Elizabeth Claise

Project: Vaqueros Navarra: A Case Study of Maquiladoras and Their Effects on Mexico
Major: International Relations
Internship: Red de Solidaridad de la Maquila
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Jennifer Cohen

Project: Salvador Dalí and the Politics of the Franco Regime
Double major: Art History and Hispanic Studies
Internship: Fundación Gala-Salvador Dalí
Location: Figueres, Spain

Katherine Conway

Project: Green Politics in Latin America
Major: International Relations
Internship: Trees, Water & People - Guatemala Office
Location: Pinula, Guatemala

Jacqueline Cousineau

Project: Dance as a Cultural Manifestation
Double major: Dance and French
Internship: Compagnie Brigitte DUMEZ
Location: Paris, France

Z. Gözde Erdeniz

Project: Neo-orientalism in French Foreign Policy
Double major: English and International Relations
Internship: International Herald Tribune
Location: Paris, France

Samantha Hubball

Project: Spanish Identity through Fashion
Major: Studio Art
Internship: Javier Larrainzar
Location: Madrid, Spain

Daniel Keiser

Project: Bursting the Japanese Bubble: Exploring Lifestyles in Modern Tokyo
Major: East Asian Studies with a Focus on Japan
Internship: The American Chamber of Commerce
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Alexandra Krotinger

Project: Comparing the Role and Evolution of the Female Artist in Italy: Renaissance to 21st Century
Double major: Art History and Architectural Studies
Internship: Palazzo delle Papesse; Comume di Siena
Location: Siena, Italy

Daria Lavrennikov

Project: The Political Economy of Street Children and Child Labor in Peru
Double major: Dance and International Relations
Internship: La Casa de los Hombres Del Sol
Location: Cusco, Peru

Caitlin LeBlanc

Project: Challenges to Universal Primary Education in West Africa
Major: International Relations and French
Internship: Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC)
Location: Yaoundé, Cameroon

Samuel Lindo

Project: The Mafia's Impact on Sicilian and Italian Cultural Ties
Major: Italian
Internship: Libera: Associations, Names and Numbers Against the Mafia
Location: Rome, Italy

Ayako Meguro

Project: Chinese Policies Aimed at Ethnic Minorities
Double major: East Asian Studies and International Relations
Internship: Yunnan Institute of Development
Location: Yuxi, Yunnan, China

Vladimir Morar

Project: Cultural Psychopathology: The Search for Cultural Themes in Clinical Diagnosis
Double major: Psychology and Religious Studies
Internship: Abteilung für Rehabilitationspsychologie
Location: Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Luisa Murphy

Project: The Argentine Woman: Property, Protestor, and Piquetera
Major: International Relations
Internship: La Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Frannie Noble

Project: The Implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
Major: Government
Internship: Coalition des ONG Africaines en Faveur des Enfants (CONAFE/CANGOC)
Location: Bamako, Mali

Zachary Olson

Project: Brazilian Social Programs: Successes and Possibilities
Major: International Relations
Internship: Ministério do Desenvolvimento Social e Combate à Fome
Location: Brasilia, Brazil

Kaitlin O'Neil

Project: The Risorgimento: Contributions of Small Cities to Italy’s Unification
Major: History
Internship: La Biblioteca Comunale Augusta, Comune di Perugia
Location: Perugia, Italy

Jyoti Pandey

Project: Psychosocial Interventions: Treating Children of Conflict
Double major: Economics and International Relations
Internship: iEARN-Sierra Leone
Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone

Alexandra Pressman

Project: Analysis of the Legislative Framework for Renewable Energy in Spain
Major: Government
Internship: La Asociación de Productores de Energías Renovables (APPA)
Location: Madrid, Spain

Daniel Proulx

Project: The Differences between the Math Education Systems in France and the United States
Major: Mathematics
Internship: Animath
Location: Paris, France

Lauren Reiff

Project: The Spanish Welfare State: Understanding the Roots of its Failures
Major: International relations
Internship: Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior (FRIDE)
Location: Madrid, Spain

Miles Ryan

Project: Challenges to the Success of Photovoltaic Energy in Italy
Double major: Environmental Studies and Italian
Internship: Sezine Italiana dell'International Solar Energy Society
Location: Rome, Italy

Chesire Schanker

Project: Alacitas in Urkupiña: the Christianization of Ancient Andean Ritual
Major: Religious Studies
Internship: Instituto de Misionología de la Universidad Católica Boliviana
Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia

Johann-Wilhelm Scheidt

Project: An Analysis of Supranational Climate Change Initiatives: The Integration of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme and the Kyoto Protocol
Double major: Environmental Studies and Government
Internship: Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
Location: Berlin, Germany

Christina Schlegel

Project: Contemporary Art and Economic Expansion
Double major: East Asian Studies and Economics
Internship: Court Yard Gallery
Location: Beijing, China

Adrian Stover

Project: Globalization and the Modern International Music Festival
Double major: French and Music
Internship: La Fondation Ésprit de Fès
Location: Fès, Morocco

U. Senay Tarhan

Project: The Effect of International Investment on Host Countries Labor Markets
Double major: Economics and International Relations
Internship: Deutsche Bank AG New York
Location: New York, USA

Sarah Turchin

Project: A Cross-cultural Analysis of Eating Disorders in Argentina and the United States
Major: Psychology
Internship: Asociación de Lucha Contra la Bulimia y la Anorexia (ALUBA)
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Julia Turnbull

Project: The North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico’s Middle Class, and Democratization
Major: International Relations
Internship: Red Mexicana de Acción frente al Libre Comercio (RMALC)
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Sarah Van Hoogenstyn

Project: Los Gitanos: Discrimination and Gypsy Culture in Spain
Major: Sociology
Internship: Asociación Nacional Presencia Gitana
Location: Madrid, Spain

Kathryn Winder

Project: A Comparative Study of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom’s Immigration Policies
Major: International Relations
Internship: Human Rights Without Frontiers
Location: Brussels, Belgium