Malik Sarmad Asif

Project: Relationship Banking in Financial Intermediation Theory: A Case-Analysis of Distance in Small Business Lending
Major: Economics
Internship: G.E. Assets Management
Location: Stamford, Connecticut, USA

Jordan Chase-Jacobsen

Project: Transcending Sovereignty to Restrict Asylum: Explaining the Integration of European Asylum Policies
Major: International Relations
Internship: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Location: Nurnberg, Germany

Heather DeDecko

Project: Samo Naprijed! A Beginner's Textbook of Croatian
Major: Slavic Studies
Internship: Hrvatska Matica Iseljenika
Location: Rijeka, Croatia

Christine Duncan

Project: Sacred vs. Secular: How the Renaissance Villancico Foreshadowed Aspects of Modern Spanish Society
Major: Music (Concentration in Vocal Performance)
Internship: Coral Polífóníca de Alcorcón
Location: Madrid, Spain

Liana Guzmán Weis

Project: Sexism, Empathy and Belief in a Just World as Predictors of Distancing from Genitally Cut African Immigrant Women
Major: Psychology
Internship: La Ligue du Droit International des Femmes
Location: Paris, France

Lauren Harris

Project: Science vs. Religion: A Modern Metamorphosis
Major: Anthropology
Internship: Hospital Andino Alternativo
Location: Riobamba, Ecuador

Laura Heaton

Project: Reconciling Tradition with Progress: State Sovereignty in the World of Human Rights
Major: International Relations
Internship: Enfants du Monde Droits de l’Homme
Location: Mahajanga, Madagascar

Laila Hochhausen

Project: Sexual Health Knowledge, Attitudes Towards Safer Sex, and Sexual Behaviors of Adolescent Dominican Girls
Major: Psychology
Internship: Profamilia
Location: Santo Dominga, Dominican Republic

Lauren Horowitz

Project: The Influential Role of Public Art on Culture and Society
Major: Studio Art
Internship: Ministerio de Obras Públicas: Departamento de Arquitectura
Location: Santiago, Chile

Norah Longendyck

Project: À la recherche du masculin: Une analyse des films policiers des années 60, 70 et 80 (Representation of Masculinity in French Ganster Films)
Major: French
Internship: L'Institut Jean Vigo
Location: Perpignan, France

Elizabeth Marolda

Project: Soviet Influence in Chile: How the Chilean Communist Party Rose to Power
Majors: Government, Slavic Studies
Internship: La Asociación de Egresados de la ex Unión Soviética y de la Corporación Cultural
Location: Santiago, Chile

Jillian May

Project: The Collaged City: Barcelona's Unique Identity through Cultural Layers
Major: Studio Art
Internship: Biblioteca, Archivo y Museo de Arquitectura de la Real Cátedra Gaudí
Location: Madrid, Spain

Andrea Reynolds

Project: Petrarch as a Modern Self: The Reorientation of Western Thought and the way in which in Affected Love
Major: Italian Studies
Internship: Istituto Di Studi Per Lo Sviluppo Economico (ISVE)
Location: Naples, Italy

Ellen Richardson

Project: The Role of International Conventions in the Prevention of the Illegal Antiquities Trade
Majors: Anthropology & Economics
Internship: Centro Documentacion Bienes Patrimoniales
Location: Santiago, Chile

Vipapat "Aim" Sinpeng

Project: Economic Impact of Migrant Workers in the Czech Republic
Major: International Relations
Internship: People In Need
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Meredith Stebbins

Project: The Effects of a Magazine on a Nation: Cosmopolitan and its Influence on Women's Issues in Argentina
Major: Urban Studies
Internship: Cosmopolitan Argentina
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Stephanie Tatro

Project: Díme - Short Stories Inspired by Los Niños
Major: English (Concentration in Creative Writing)
Internship: Acción por Los Niños
Location: Lima, Perú

Sujata Tuladhar

Project: The Prospect of Reconciliation in Northern Ireland
Major: International Relations
Internship: BBC, Northern Ireland
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Zachary West

Project: Following the Führer: Political Legitimacy in Nazi Germany
Major: History
Internship: Institut für Zeitgeschichte
Location: Munich, Germany

Alexa Xanthopoulos

Project: A Cross-Cultural Study of Objectified Body Consciousness and the Prevalence of Eating Disorders in US and Argentine Women
Major: Psychology
Internship: Asociación de Lucha Contra Anorexia y Bulimia (ALUBA)
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina