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Margaret Benson ’23

Hometown: Wellesley, Massachusetts
Major: Economics, Philosophy
Pathway: Entrepreneurship
Activities: Varsity Sailing Team, Peggotty Investment club, Finance Cohort Career Action Pro

Favorite aspect of Connecticut College:
My favorite aspect of Connecticut College is the sense of comradery. The atmosphere is very welcoming and encourages meaningful relationships with students and faculty.

Favorite memory at Connecticut College:
My favorite memory at Conn was last spring during Floralia. It was great to be together with everyone and celebrate the music all day.

Favorite activity in New London or the region:
My favorite activity is to spend the day in Mystic and window shop and visit the fun restaurants and bars that are right on the water!

First Year Reflection

- The Experience, Margaret Benson ’23

As a first-year, I was new to campus, eager to experience college life and hoping to meet new people and make the most of my first semester. My first-year seminar was oriented around analytical thinking within economics. I found that most of my peers in this class had predetermined interests to pursue a degree in econ. I wasn’t quite there yet but I was curious about the lessons that would be covered. Fortunately, within this class, I was introduced to opportunities that would expand my knowledge on the topic. It’s how I found out about the Finance Cohort Career Action Program led by Director of Employer Engagement Cheryl Banker and Dean of Academic Support Noel Garrett. The cohort, a newly developed program, focused on career prep for roles in the financial services industry. I was aware that this industry was male-dominated, and joining the cohort was a friendly reminder of that. Positively, Cheryl alluded to the importance of my representation and encouraged me to feel confident about my role within the cohort. And it paid off.
As a first-year, I didn’t feel compelled to start thinking about my career post-grad.

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