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Miya Preyer ’23

Hometown: Brick Township, New Jersey
Major: English, Government
Pathway: Media, Rhetoric, and Communication
Activities: Varsity Sailing Team, Athletes of Color Coalition

Favorite aspect of Connecticut College:
My favorite part of Connecticut College is the campus. Between the sprawling arboretum and beautiful waterfront, I consider myself lucky to be a camel.

Favorite memory at Connecticut College:
My favorite memory at Connecticut College so far is building a snowman with all of my friends during the huge snow storm we had my junior year.

Favorite activity in New London or the region:
Something that I really enjoy about the New London area is going to Harkness Memorial Park.

Symposium Experience

- The Experience, Miya Preyer ’23

As my time at Connecticut College winds down and I begin the tedious process of applying for jobs, a question that I find myself discussing time and time again is “What is a pathway?” 

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A New Shoreline

- The Experience, Miya Preyer ’23

A big part of my Connecticut College experience for the past three years has been spent at the edge of the Thames River. As a captain of the Varsity Sailing Team, I’ve spent countless practices and competition weekends at the waterfront, a short walk from central campus.

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