During your first two years on campus, you’ll take a ConnCourse—an interdisciplinary class where you will discover connections between your studies and real-world issues.

ConnCourses cultivate and encourage an integrative approach to learning and problem-solving. You will explore many areas of the liberal arts and practice different ways of thinking. You will also develop fundamental skills that can be applied throughout your studies. 

How much can we really know about dinosaurs? How can an ancient religion be lived today? How do people explore, imagine and distinguish themselves as Hispanic? How truly free and independent are we from the influence of the state? How can Twitter feeds reveal public opinion? These are just a few of the questions you might explore in ConnCourses like “Decoding Color,” “Freedom and State Power,” and “Introductory Informatics: Hacking the Matrix to Discover Patterns in Science, the Arts, and Society.”

Conn Courses for Spring 2019