Foundations of Youth: Maturation as Design

By: Jennifer Jackson '15

Advising Faculty: Andrea Wollensak

Foundations of Youth: Maturation as Design is an investigation of the process of human development, viewing it through a broad, creative lens.

In my work, I provide a metaphorical container for participants to fill with experiences and insight. I study the way we interact with objects, places, and memories using experiences of age as metaphorical steps in the design process. Creative inquiry begins as a hypothesis, which undergoes tests and analyses—meaning will be extracted. I collect and discuss my findings by developing empathy through design.

I work with three age groups that reflect my own experience of maturation: children, college students, and those beyond the normative Connecticut College student age. Each group contributes to a different creative work that corresponds to a specific design research method.

This honors paper may be viewed in its entirety at Digital Commons @ Connecticut College.

Related Fields: Art