Is Self-Objectification Related to Negative Attitudes toward Menopause and Aging

By: Amy Leichliter '13

Advising Faculty: Joan Chrisler

Previous research suggests that attitudes play a role in the experience of menopause. The objective of the current study was to explore whether self-objectification is related to negative attitudes toward menopause and aging. One hundred and thirty-eight women aged 20-64 years old completed measures of self-objectification, attitudes toward menopause, menopausal symptoms, aging anxiety, and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) use. Consistent with previous research, the results indicate that self-objectification, aging anxiety and severe menopausal symptoms were all related to negative attitudes toward menopause. HRT use was related to severe menopausal symptoms and greater aging anxiety. Thus, self-objectification and related constructs may be helpful in furthering our understanding of aging women’s body experiences.

Related Fields: Psychology