Physical Interaction of Cancer-Causing Proteins: Functional Outcomes of Cdk6 and Eya2

By: Adem Abrham '14 and Gabe Salk '14

Advising Faculty: Martha Grossel

Adem Abrham and Gabe Salk are working on independent studies in Professor Martha Grossel's lab studying molecular mechanisms of cancer. The Grossel lab is interested in the interaction of two proteins, both of which stimulate cell division. Uncontrolled cell division is one of the hallmarks of cancer. Seeking to understand the functional outcomes of the interaction of these proteins, they are currently studying how one of these proteins, Cdk6, causes the degradation of the other protein,Eya2. Adem and Gabe are trying to understand how universal this interaction is, with an aim to understanding what types of cells the interaction may occur in and under what conditions the Eya2 protein is degraded. Both the Cdk6 protein and the Eya2 protein are potential therapeutic targets. The lab is funded under an NCI R15 award from the National Cancer Institute.

Related Fields: Biological Sciences, Biology