This week, I was named “campus cutie” by HerCampus, an independent online student publication which, each week, profiles a campus cutie. The articles normally go out on Friday mornings, and you never know who is going to be next!

I was sitting around on Wednesday night and, while studying for my organic chemistry test, an email popped up from HerCampus. I was pretty shocked as I read through the email saying I had been nominated. I didn’t think I would ever be considered for such a thing.

There were questions about my idea of a perfect date, my favorite types of candy, my celebrity crush, and even my response to learning about my nomination.

As you can imagine, I remained humble throughout the entire thing. The really weird part about the publishing of the article is that I knew before everyone else on campus did. I had to keep it a secret for two whole days. That may not seem long, but to not tell something to anyone (despite the fact that you want to!) is super hard. Anyway, I obeyed, and no one knew but my best friend.

What has been even weirder is that people actually recognize me from just this article. Little do they know that for, to me, it started as just a campus secret.