Last year when I arrived at Connecticut College, I lived in Burdick House,  the “quiet house” on campus. Throughout the year I lived there with my closest friend, we were somewhat loud ourselves. I guess it was just too quiet for me. No one on our floor made much noise though. I love to listen to loud music and that isn’t allowed in Burdick. When choosing my room for sophomore year, I wanted to move somewhere else on campus so I chose to live in Hamilton House.

In this dorm, I can’t be as loud as I want all the time, but I have fewer restrictions depending on the time of day. I bought some new speakers, and I love love love to play them loudly. A lot of people on my floor have often said that they have “mini dance parties” when they pass my room, which is really cool.

This week, however, I found myself studying for the one thing that turns me white in the face: an organic chemistry test.

It’s really convenient to have a single room, because there’s no one else to bother you. That doesn’t mean, however, the entire floor is quiet. While studying for this test, I found myself noticing my neighbors' music, people having small gatherings, and even a quick game of ball-bouncing in the hallway. In short, I was going insane. It’s really cool to live in a quiet house sometimes, but at other times… not so much. Now that the tables have been turned, I’ve realized that studying can be a little bit rougher. No matter though, because after this test the volume is going on max, and I’m going to fist-pump in my room to my favorite songs.

Editor’s note: All houses set hours at which noise should be kept at a minimum. Residents are expected, at all times, to be courteous and must ensure that their noise does not disturb the studies or sleep of their neighbors.