As I was walking to my digital media evening class in Cummings Art Center recently, I heard rustling in the bushes along the sidewalk. As I got closer, I realized it was a skunk. I had to do some off-roading to avoid being sprayed. However, as I made a sharp left, there were two more skunks scampering across my path.

Over the past month or so, there has been an overpopulation of skunks on campus. It's a curious, fun little challange added to our College experience. Students and professors have conspiracy theories as to whether or not there is a hidden world of skunks underneath the College.

Walking to and from class, one may be pleasantly surprised by these friendly black and white critters. Residents of the Jane Addams residence hall have even named two of the skunks — Snowball and Oreo — that reside in the outside bushes. In a strange way, the surplus of skunks has brought our campus even closer together. Undoubtedly, each student at Conn has a story about the time they almost ran into a skunk!

While we may be a school of spirited Camels, we treasure our neighborhood skunks.