Each semester, there are a number of dance shows on campus. I've always loved dance as both a performance and an artform, so I try my best to make it to as many shows as I can. Each one is different and having friends to support in a show makes it even better. The first big show this semester was the annual Dance Club performance. Students audition to be dancers in the show, then the choreographers audition their pieces in an adjudication process connected with the Dance Department.
The pieces in this year's show ranged from hip-hop to contemporary and everything in between. My favorite piece was most certainly the one co-choreographed by my friends Miles Keeney '15 and Christophe Desorbay '15 to Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda." Having watched them rehearse for weeks, I finally had the chance to see how it looked in front of the audience and in costume. I have a soft spot for performances that get the audience involved, so it was particularly entertaining to watch these friends break the limits of the stage and come dance in the audience. Their performance was amazing.
I saw the show on Thursday, and wanted to see it again on Friday and Saturday. One thing that I've noticed with each dance show on campus is the freedom that we as students have to express ourselves. We have so many productions choreographed by students. Each one is unique in theme while still representing our varying styles as student dancers and choreographers.