A Pokemon-inspired pumpkin

Halloween is great. Ever since I was a child, it’s been one of my favorite times of year. There are fun costumes, pumpkin-carving and the ridiculously amazing consumption of large quantities of candy. What’s not to love? And since Halloween was on a Saturday this year, I got to have a weekend full of festivities. 

Friday evening, my friends and I went in search of the perfect pumpkin to carve. We found one at a nearby patch and returned to my room. Using an odd variety of utensils we managed to find, we commenced a pumpkin-carving competition. I may be slightly biased, but I’m pretty sure mine won. I mean, it’s Gengar from Pokemon and I’m pretty proud of my rendition. I lit it and kept it in my window for the evening. Afterward, we baked the pumpkin seeds in Earth House and watched “Sweeney Todd.” As a person who is not a fan of horror movies, “Sweeney Todd” was the scariest my friends could get me to watch. It was definitely creepy, but interestingly full of social commentary. And thankfully, I didn’t have any nightmares!

On Saturday, the girls who live on my hall all gathered together to dress up. I was Darth Vader: I had a black dress, cape, tights and boots, and topped it off with a red light saber, which was a ton of fun to play with. There were a lot of events happening on campus, from the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” to Dance Club performances, but we decided to go the Abbapella concert. Each of the six groups on campus sang a famous Abba song. I think my favorite was “Dancing Queen” by Vox Cameli. I think my favorite part of the weekend, though, was getting to see everyone’s costumes. There were mermaids, nerds, Marty McFlys, princesses, Rugrats and so on. I was also happy to see a fair share of Stormtroopers, C-3POS and R2D2s.

Overall, I loved the spirit of weekend (pun intended). The dining hall had spooky themed desserts, people decorated their doors and candy was given out. One of the dorms even put on a haunted house. It definitely did one of my favorite days justice.