It’s that time of the year again — registration, that is. No matter what institution I have attended, I can’t escape the familiar feeling of apprehension. What classes am I going to take? Will there be enough room for me? Will the class time conflict with another course being offered? Then, of course, there are the courses you should take for your major and the courses you take to fill other requirements. It’s no wonder Conn makes every student meet with their adviser. The information overload and the requirements engulf your mind. It helps to talk it out with a professor who dedicates time to provide you with undivided attention. 

I had my first advising session here at Conn College with my sociology adviser, Professor Campos-Holland. She’s not only an amazing professor who inspires me, but also a hands-on adviser. I always say her class is like a religious experience because every time, I come out feeling enlightened. Her advising session was no exception.

Professor Campos-Holland sat with me in her office and typed up a spreadsheet, documenting the courses I have taken, those I'm required to complete and those that are needed for my major. She helped me pick courses for the fall semester and made sure I had back-ups just in case the class filled up. For the classes she knew about and for the professors whom she knew, Professor Campos-Holland gave me a quick summary of the courses and the professors’ teaching styles. I really appreciated that, because she got me excited about the courses I plan on taking.

When I left her office, I wasn’t as tense about the registration process. I came out of my advising session feeling more comfortable and confident about my future plans here at Conn.