A group of us singing
A group of us singing "let it go" in Japanese at the EASSAB Karaoke night

Late last month, I was leaving a class around 8:30 p.m. when my friend Natalie asked if I wanted to come along with her to an event our other friend Claire was putting on. I immediately agreed and we headed to Knowlton House, the language dorm. I had not been there since I took the Haunted Tour of Connecticut College my freshman year, but we went in and went to the common room where Claire was putting on an East Asian Studies’ Student Advisory Broad (EASSAB) Karaoke Night.

Just so we’re clear: I do not sing. Not in English, or any other languages for that matter.

But I went in as a spectator and was rewarded with a super fun night I was not expecting to have. A bunch of students went up and sang, including my friend Claire. One memorable performance was a student who sang “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid in Japanese, which included all of Ariel’s little side notes and emotions. We also got performances from a professor who sang an amazing lullaby song, and Natalie got up and sang a song in Spanish! One really amazing moment was when I suggested to Claire that she sing “Let it Go” in Chinese, and she pulled up the lyrics on her computer. Everyone (including me) gathered around and sang along as best we could, and then sang it again in Japanese! After that, we digressed into looking up our favorite songs in other languages and singing along.

I guess I should change my earlier assertion that I don’t sing ever — I do sing, but only with people that I feel comfortable around, which I was able to find at this small, spur-of-the-moment event.