“I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win!”

The crowd roared in fight songs atop the hill hovering over Tempel Green as Graham Koval (’18) slide-kicked the ball into the goal, officially sending the NESCAC men’s soccer quarterfinals into penalty kicks.

In all four years of my Conn experience, I have never been to a sporting event with so much of the student body there for support. You can normally expect a big turnout for the annual a capella challenge concert—this year’s was ABBA-themed—or the MOBROC (a student-run organization for bands on campus) shows in the Barn. But the crowd at this sporting event kept growing, snaking around most of soccer field.  

The whistle blew and the Camels' final penalty kick flew past the Williams College goalie. Arms flew into the air and bodies jumped for joy. Screams let loose. Then, high on pure enthusiasm, everyone raced in unison onto the field in celebration. It was like a scene out of the popular TV show "Friday Night Lights." Tears streamed into big smiles as each and every student and player hugged one another. We were officially in the NESCAC playoffs!

It was one of those classic college moments at Conn that I never expected to have. But my missing voice was a clear result of the victory and enthusiasm for our Camels.