Mamacoke Island

I peeked out of my window Friday morning to a crisp and sunny fall day — perfect running weather. Having run on Conn’s cross country team for two years, I know many of the wonderful trails around campus. Mamacoke Island, a 40-acre island on the Thames River, contains one of my favorite trails.

I set out from my dorm, lumbering downhill towards the Athletic Center. At the Athletic Center, I veered left onto a wooded trail towards Mamacoke. The trail comes to a marsh that leads to the island. Dashing across the brownish yellow-colored squishiness with mud splashing my ankles, I arrived to the island.

As I ran, I listened. Acorns fell to the ground, twigs snapped underneath my feet, crickets chirped lightly, the engine of a boat hummed, wind rustled the remaining leaves on trees and I breathed heavily. As I ran, I focused mostly on my surroundings rather than on my various school assignments and obligations.

Running resembles meditation. I fortunately have many meditative routes from which to choose. After running in the woods, I headed back to campus feeling refreshed.