This is a story about community, leadership and lots of snow. I’m a floor governor (similar to an RA but with additional responsibilities) in one of the College’s oldest residential halls, Branford. After getting to know members of the residential life student staff really well during my first year at Conn, I wanted to become a part of the student staff so I could help create the nurturing atmosphere found in our residences.

This winter, after lots of training and one semester of experience on the job, I finally feel like I’ve hit my stride as a floor governor. I know how to help with homesickness, mediate disagreements, and help keep people calm and entertained during snowstorms. This winter has been one for snow in New England. Nearly every New England town is covered in a mixture of beautiful white snow, brown slush and black ice. Because of the weather, the school has had to close a few times.

When a blizzard hit Connecticut in January, floor governors sprung into action. We had numerous tasks to complete to keep the halls running during the storms, but, more importantly, it was up to us to keep students safe and entertained. We planned snow day events, helped Facilities shovel walkways, started fires in the fireplaces of common rooms, and helped the College continue to operate as staff worked night and day to plow and move snow.

When I was accepted to the position, I was overjoyed because finally I felt like I could be a figure for people to turn to. This winter has offered the student staff that opportunity, and we rose to the occasion.