We are living during a time filled with opportunities for social justice in America. Conn students have always been up-to-date with current events and fought for what they believed in. This was true in the 1970s, when students demanded action from the College and initiated a takeover of a building on campus; it's still true now. With everything going on in the media, Conn students again decided to stand up for justice. At the end of last semester, students participated in two different events meant to honor those who have been victimized. 
You may be aware that there are 43 missing students in Mexico. To honor them, as well as many others who have gone missing in Mexico, several Unity House organizations worked together to plan a moment of silence. I, along with many other students, made a banner and stood in front of Cro, our student center, to show our support. 
A similar event took place again a few days later in honor of black people who have been killed in instances of police brutality in the United States. Also organized by Unity House student groups, a vigil in front of Cro honored the lives that have been lost. I stood, despite the rain, alongside my peers in solidarity with those around the country doing the same thing.
When you go to college, you don't know who will have the same views as you. People from all over the world come together on a single campus. How can you know that someone else will share the same passion for social justice? As I stood in silence during these events, I thought about what my presence meant. I thought about what the presence of my peers meant. 
It is easy to grow comfortable in a space when you do not face an immediate threat; being on campus has created that level of comfort for me. To see so many students come together to care about events beyond our campus made me proud. I go to a college where students aren't afraid to say that they want change and are willing to fight for it.