The new SEAT bus stop from

Our work has entailed three main components. First, we’ve been working to wrap up the project to install the SEAT bus stop at the edge of campus. This project was spearheaded mostly by Hallie Grossman '16 in previous semesters, but was just installed this semester. While the current bench and sign are just smaller placeholders until the bench and sign that were actually approved are installed, we’re ecstatic to have this historic piece in place to better connect the College to New London. Second, we are student representatives on the Dean of Student Life’s Transportation Task Force. On this committee, we work with staff and faculty to define, evaluate and propose improvements to the transportation offerings on campus so as to ensure their sustainability and equitability in terms of access.

Lastly, we’ve crafted a proposal to install electric car charging ports on campus. This proposal calls for a dual port Stage 2 charging station to be installed to significantly increase the usability (i.e. range) of an electric vehicle for any member of the college community wishing to transport themselves in this sustainable manner. We are in the process of trying to move this proposal through the appropriate channels of the administration.