My entire high school career was dedicated to our theater department; whether that meant taking the drama classes, acting in the productions or eventually directing a show, I was always involved in one dramatic aspect or another. So, it was only natural that I continue this level of commitment once I arrived at Connecticut College.

My priority was diving head-first into this new dramatic environment and figuring out both what I could contribute and be a part of. This fall, my first semester, I registered for Acting 1 and auditioned for the main-stage production of “Twelfth Night”...and I was cast as Sebastian! It was amazing to be considered for a role, especially as a first-year student, because at most colleges first-years wouldn’t have an opportunity like that.

Rehearsal began before I knew it and from the first meeting I had a feeling I was in for a wild ride. I was anticipating a laid-back schedule for rehearsals because I was cast as a smaller role. But soon I was called for four-hour rehearsals, close to five days a week. I had no idea what I had really committed myself to. I was tired in class, in the library, in rehearsal, just about everywhere. I had never been so consistently tired in my life. This show demanded a lot from me and tested my determination to pursue further study of the subject. I even considered dropping out of the play.

But, one day in rehearsal, we had a really great day. Everyone was extremely present and we accomplished more than we had ever done before. It was extremely productive, professional and, most of all, fun. It was then that I knew I had to stick out the tiring rehearsals for a final product that was sure to be amazing.

And amazing it was. All four of our performances were met with great praise and it had been a while since I was so proud of a collective ensemble effort. I am immensely grateful to have been a part of “Twelfth Night.” I look forward to future productions that I will be a part of at this school.