For the masses, Leap Day is that weird little day that sneaks into the calendar every four years. Some people don’t even know how many years are between Leap Days. Five years? Three? What’s the math on that again? How many years ago was it a Leap Year?

I have a different relationship to this unique date because I was born on a Leap Day. Once people learn this about me they go down the typical list of questions: When do I celebrate? What’s it like not having a birthday? Do I actually exist without a birthday? 

I celebrated the occasion with a get-together in Coffee Grounds, a student-run coffee shop where I’m a manager. It was nice being able to incorporate my favorite place on campus into my birthday celebration—and boy, was it a celebration. We did it up with a true, “5th birthday” party. I bought balloons, stickers, face paint, glow sticks and a couple of snacks from Target. I was pleased to see that my friends appreciated the stickers, glow sticks and balloons, as much as these items deserve to be appreciated (which is a lot). The face paint, however, wasn’t quite used to its full capacity, but that’s fine.

I was especially excited when my friend Mireia, the head baker and kitchen manager at Coffee Grounds, offered to bake something for the party. She said she could bake anything, so I began to research a plethora of online recipes. After sorting through several recipes, I told Mireia my decision. “Lavender truffles,” I said jokingly, thinking it would be far too cumbersome. How does one even come across lavender? But to my surprise Mireia responded, “Those are so easy to make!” Needless to say, she ended up making them. They were delicious, and the fact that I was eating flowers gave me a strange sense of pleasure. This was the one and only touch of sophistication at my five-year-old-themed birthday party.

Leap Day doesn’t come around often, but it’s nice when it does. I had a fun, childish party, and enjoyed my share of real birthday wishes. Only four more years until the next one!