A student performance from "Pivot"

As a recently declared dance minor, I have decided that watching dance is a lot more fun when your friends are a part of the show. Why put your feet through the pain when you can sit back, relax and appreciate your peers put on a beautiful dance show?

On Friday, Feb. 26, I went to see “Pivot," The Dance Club’s production. Why was the show titled “Pivot”? In dance, we pivot when maneuvering our bodies to move elsewhere on the dance floor, as a way of transferring weight. 

The program for the show stressed the importance of The Dance Club breaking club rules to create a new kind of a show. Free of the stresses of peer feedback, the show allowed members of the club to experiment with individual style and music choices. I witnessed several of my peers, many of whom I have shared the stage with in past performances, receive the opportunity to choreograph and perform their own unique pieces.     

Dance Club at Connecticut College is about freedom and pushing boundaries, just as “Pivot” illustrated. Be sure to check out a Dance Club performance if you ever are on campus for a future show!