Last week, I went to see the Women’s Empowerment Initiative’s show, “Coming from the Beast.”  It was a performance written, produced, and performed by women at Connecticut College. Because it was probably the most badass feminist show I have ever seen, it made me question why I had never attended the annual show before.

My freshman and sophomore year, the College produced The Vagina Monologues. Last year, they put on their own rendition of The Vagina Monologues called “As Told by Vaginas.” This year’s show had a similar format to previous years, with all of the pieces written and performed by women at Connecticut College.

To answer my question, the reason I hadn’t attended the show in previous years was because the show is always held on a Saturday, which is when I have track meets. The only reason I could go this year was because I was not running track that particular weekend. But it got me thinking: "This is my last semester at Conn, shouldn’t I try to go to and experience as many events as possible, in order to get a full college experience?"

Short answer? Yes and no. Yes, I am going to try and attend events because it is wonderful to get out and support the community, and most events I attend I am genuinely interested in. On the flip side, I am not going to force myself to attend events every day, because I am a senior with a lot on her plate and a lot of responsibilities. 

There are a few particular events and traditions that define a Connecticut College experience; several of which I have not had the opportunity to attend, but it is my hope I can experience them before I graduate. Some of these events include: Eclipse, a dance show (that happens every spring); the annual Conn vs. Coast Guard hockey game (if it happens this year); and more a cappella concerts (you can never go to too many).

At the same time, however, I need to remember that spending a night in with my roommates or watching Netflix alone can be just as memorable or therapeutic as a dance show.

College is a balance, and it’s one that has taken me a few years to figure out. But as a senior who has less than 100 days left on this campus, my priorities are becoming much clearer about what I want to experience before I leave.