Saying  “I am a social person”, and “I can turn into an iridescent flightless dragon” are very similar sentences in that they are both substantial lies. I can’t draw a dragon nor fathom how extroverts stop themselves from screaming every time they feel obligated to say hi to acquaintances they encounter. Oddly enough, I sometimes like inhabiting social spaces, acting as a silent observer, and after 21 years of observing I feel confident saying that I’ve perfected the art of people watching. While my hobby may seem boring to most and creepy to the rest, I always enjoy myself and love that I can do it anywhere either by myself or with a fellow creepy friend. For this reason alone, I decided to get gussied up and leave my room to watch the members of my class year party into the night at “100 Days.”   

100 Days is an event for seniors thrown by the College to mark the 100th day until graduation. This year the event was thrown at Mohegan Sun, an extravagant casino nearby, and while the projection of the night sky on the ceiling was pretty, my eyes were drawn to different, more edible, things. Immediately I noticed there was a bar with empty chairs so I plopped myself down with some friends, ordered some guacamole, and let the night of observation begin. I quickly found that I’ve unfortunately grown accustomed to the habits of my peers after watching them for the last four years, so my friends and I decided to leave the event and go elsewhere in search of more snacks and entertainment that didn't require social interaction. Fortunately, Mohegan Sun offered no shortage of food establishments and people to watch. Most of my night was spent taking pictures with random things found in the casino, pretending to gamble at slot machines, and gasping every time someone near me won, but more often lost, large sums of money.

Despite being at the 100 days event for no more than 20 minutes before wandering off, I’m really glad that I decided to go and have my own kind of fun. These final large events of my college career aren’t opportunities to suddenly befriend everyone or to rage harcore to make up for all the nights I’ve spent in studying. Instead, they’re last chances to do the things I want with the amazing people who have helped me make it through this journey. Although I love spending my nights with Google and a list of animals I want to learn more about, I found that I enjoyed being weird, and even slightly boring, with friends while being ridiculously well-dressed just as much. I’ve spent most of my life trying to prove wrong the phrase “Humans are social creatures,” but perhaps it has some merit, if sitting next to each other with minimal talking can be called social. Regardless, I’m excited to see what the future holds for me by attending these events; hopefully more guacamole.