In my entire four years of high school at Grace Church School in New York, I only experienced one snow day. Our headmaster felt that if he could make it out of his driveway, so could everyone else. So, naturally, when everyone at Conn was talking about a possible snow day on Thursday, I was among those who thought it too good to be true. By nightfall on Wednesday evening, I began to come around to this seemingly impossible event. I was leaving the library when a friend told me there was a snow day tomorrow—it just hadn’t been announced yet.

I ran to my friends’ room full of excitement—was this really going to happen? My friends were a little skeptical. I told them to have faith. Sure enough, about an hour later, we all got texts, calls and emails from the school that Connecticut College was closed for the day February 9.

My first snow day at Conn was already atypical to the kind of Thursday I am used to: I slept in until noon! I have class every day starting at 10:25 a.m., so this was a welcome change to my schedule. I then joined my friends for lunch in Jane Adams Dining Hall, then we made our way over to my friend Nick’s room in Harkness. The four of us spent the day lounging around, watching our own TV shows and doing homework. We got up only  to use the bathroom and get dinner. Otherwise, we stay put, and it was definitely a day well spent.

I hope there is another snow day this winter. It was the first day in a really long time where my friends and I did, pretty much, absolutely nothing. And it was great.