Posing with some of the chalkboard art I created.

The Walk-in Coffee Closet at Ruane’s Den has served as my home away from home since my very first day at Conn. Living in Harkness House, I have the luxury of being able to leave my room and be right at the entrance of the Walk-in, located on the first floor of my building. The Walk-in has been my lifeline. They serve (in my opinion) the best drinks on campus, and they have a variety of pasta dishes, paninis and snacks that are always there for me when I don't feel like walking to Harris Refectory, the largest dining hall on campus. The Walk-in is also one of my favorite places to study because the atmosphere reminds me of my favorite coffee shop at home, and they have the comfiest chairs on campus.

Upon arriving at Conn, you’ll find that most people on campus will introduce themselves after seeing you on a consistent basis. That’s how I became friends with the baristas at the Walk-in. One of my first experiences with the Walk-in baristas was a prank that I pulled on them early on in the year. I noticed that they had a staff board full of polaroid pictures, including a small section at the bottom for baristas abroad. I printed out a picture of myself using a polaroid printer and stuck it under “Baristas Abroad.” Every day for a week or two I came back and it remained on the board. I eventually asked one of the managers, Sarah Rosadini ’17, about the picture and she said that she thought that I looked like a 7-year-old boy, and we have been friends ever since. After establishing a relationship with the baristas, they have let me do some fun things, like draw on one of their chalkboard bathroom doors. I plan on harassing Sarah for the rest of the year, and eventually you might catch me living in the Walk-in Coffee Closet (sleeping on one of the couches).

Pictured below: my photo I posted on the Walk-in's bulletin board is the furthest left under "Baristas Abroad."